Thursday, May 26, 2011

The weekend, part 3: Our last first birthday

I've delayed writing this post for a week now. When I'm done, I will have posted about one of my children having a first birthday party for the very last time. Oh, the bittersweet of it all! Okay, I'll downshift on the mama drama a little.

Since last weekend was so filled with Abby's dance recital and other activities, we couldn't schedule Aaron's birthday party until Sunday afternoon. It worked out great. After lunch, Abby and I headed back up to the church to decorate. Abby made this beautiful sign for the door. The things that look like giant eyelashes on each of the letters are supposed to be fireworks. Please don't tell her that her "1" is backwards--it's a sensitive topic.

Aaron was very blessed to have lots of people who love him come to celebrate his birthday. We didn't do much (really, what all is there to do at a party for a one year old?) but we had plenty of fun. We did remember to get a family photo, and once again I was very happy with the results:

We also took a few shots of Matt and I with our baby-no-more. He cooperated beautifully, mainly because I was tickling him the whole time.

He was not, however, so agreeable to being put in the middle of a kiss sandwich. Too bad for him.

The big kids were very well behaved, and wanted to make sure I documented their presence.

And now to the part everyone is always waiting for. The smash cake. Abby refused to get messy with hers. Ethan went hog wild with his--we found icing in his ears for days. I posted a couple of pictures of that day here. Aaron was the perfect middle ground. He enjoyed his cake, but did not bathe in it. He was quite delighted to get to eat it all by himself. Observe the progression:

And just like that, it was over. We have a one year old. And a five year old that starts Kindergarten in 3 months and an eight year old that just danced in her first recital. I think I need my own cake now.


Julianna said...

I felt that way when Oldest turned 10.

He was two whole hands... from here on out, he'd have to show his age with fingers and toes.

Now with youngest, he's nine.... I'm having my own little party because he's half way to being out of my house. :)

Kidding...kind of...

Karilyn said...

Love the pictures. The last of the 1st. That is kinda sad. They are all growing up very fast.

Jendocino said...

The pure joy on Aaron's face as he devours that cake is priceless. For my next birthday, I think I'm going to insist on having my own cake that I can eat with my hands. Or smash. Same diff. Loved this post, Nancy!