Wednesday, June 13, 2007

Mommies ALWAYS know

My mother is a wonderful grandmother to my kids. She takes the job very seriously, especially the part about spoiling. She and dad are the wost about snacks and junk food. Every time, EVERY time Abby is with them and I'm not there, they give her things that she's not supposed to have. Now, this doesn't bother me if it's every once in a while, but it's EVERY time. I think they sensed that it was bugging me, so they came up with the brilliant plan of telling Abby to keep it a secret.


The first few times, she didn't even try. Finally, they scared her enough into believing that she might never get another milkshake or candy bar that she tried. She really, really tried. But come on. She's 4, and she's Abby. She doesn't stand a chance. The first time they tried this was when she rode with them down to Little Rock. We met them down there, and I had a sneaking suspicion they had stopped for a "snack" along the way. I asked, but they insisted they only went to McDonald's to use the bathroom, and then left without getting anything. So I waited for mom to leave the room, and then my conversation with Abby went exactly like this:

Me: Abby, what did you get at McDonald's?
Abby: I can't tell you.
Me: Was it a milkshake?
Abby: Yes.
Me: What flavor?
Abby: I can't tell you.
Me. Was it chocolate?
Her: Yes.

Mom couldn't believe she caved so easily. What I can't get over is that now that she KNOWS she'll be ratted out, she continues to try! Just tonight, Abby went to their house for a while. My first clue that she'd been treated was the giant chocolate milk moustache on her face when they came back. They both steadfastly insisted that other than a tiny bit of milk, Abby had not had anything else. I just waited. When my grandmother called and got on the phone with my mom for a minute, I got face to face with Abby, and gave her my best mommy smile.

Me: So, Abs, you can tell mommy--what treat did you have?
Abby: Nothing!
Me: Aw, come on--I won't even tell daddy!
Abby: Nothing! (ooh, she's getting good--better bring out the big guns)
Me: If you tell me you can have a cook--
Her: I had pudding and 2 Hershey kisses! Can I have my cookie now?

Mom got off the phone just in time to hear the confession. She couldn't believe it. I just couldn't believe it took me as long as it did to get it out of her.


Anonymous said...

First of all I can't believe a Mother would bribe her 4 year old daughter into ratting her grandmother out. That's terrible. I thought I'd taught you better than that. Second and most important is the fact that when said grand child is with her grandparents she should be allowed to do whatever her grandparents want to do her to do, with no questions about anything at all....that includes but is not limited to food, playtime, bedtime, and naptime or anything else. Grandparents are suppose to be fun. We want her and Ethan to think of us as their really fun and cool grandparents , our home a place they can come and be spoiled. A place like no other. Now the other side to that is we do know the limits. And I don't think we've ever crossed them. So as long as Bab's can keep a secret, we'll keep giving her treats. And 1 more thing, the milkshake didn't come from McDonald's....Ha Ha Ha You never asked where we got it....Sonic!! She's my only grand daughter and I'll spoil her however and whenever I want....Just wait for Ethan....he'll never tell!!! I can see it in is eyes.


Anonymous said...

Nancy, it's a loosing battle you might as well give up on!!! You can save your self time and energy by letting this go!! Just make sure Abby and E know that your rules go when you and Matt are there!! My Uncle Bill, the kids great uncle, knows my thoughts on cussing and swearing and all those wonderful things, but tried his hardest to get Gabe to say Bullsh** to me when he was 3 or so... Gabe would look at him as he said it and then at me , like she is going to bust me if I say it, but Uncle Bill is making it sound so fun!! UB was here for over a week and I think Gabe said it to me one time and would look an UB in the eye, put his nose against his and say it to him by the time he left. You've never seen a smile so big on a man's face!! My Uncle Bill passed away 4 years ago at the age of 63 from Lou Gehrigs (sp?) disease and to be honest, it's one of the fondest, funnest memories of him and Gabe I have!! Oh, by the way, Gabe NEVER said that again to anyone and UB made sure Gabe knew that too!!! So, in defense of Grandparents, great uncles/aunts, ect... if they know OUR limits and stay within that...let them spoil away!!! Your mom is great and I know I always want my kids to "want" to go to their grandparents house and have fun!! Sydney, it never fails, has to has some part of the clothing she is wearing or brought over washed and dried, because she "helps" Papa in the yard and has some control over the water hose!!! So, I've learned not to send her in her best clothes!!!
I'm done!! You made me smile with memories today! Thank you!!

Kori "o)

Outnumbered said...

Hey Nancy,

You realize that JD eats from the time he gets to his Mimi's house until we pick him up. Chex Mix, cheese slices, Wendy's, and fudge bars. And, don't get Amanda started on the quarter of a cake slices that his Maw-Maw-B gives him for desserts!!!

It really is a losing battle.