Tuesday, June 19, 2007

Rhyme time

There's lots of activity going on around the AMEN household--Matt burned his hand on the lawnmower, we MAY be getting a new house (MAY--don't get all worked up yet), but I'm choosing to use my blog to talk about something random and, in the great scheme of things, unimportant. But it's fun. And it's my blog!

Abby has learned the concept of rhyming. And is addicted to it. Ever since the day she noticed that the words "shirt" and "skirt" sounded a lot alike and I explained what rhyming is (while I was getting her dressed)(because the reason that the words shirt and skirt were said in the first place was that I was trying to get her to hurry up and get dressed herself)(which went out the window when she got all excited about rhyming), she spends, it seems, every waking moment racking her brain for more rhyming words. We will be eating dinner or brushing teeth, and all of a sudden she will shriek like she's seen a mouse. Then, "I have another rhyme, Mommy! More and Door!" It's very exciting. She almost explodes when we find a rhyme that lasts through several words. When we did the Night-light-sight-bite-might-right-tight-kite-white string, I wasn't sure that she wouldn't pass out then and there.

I've had to explain to her that rhymes only count if the words are real words--that put a stop to the "paper-maper" bit. And we have to be careful, since she does just like to run through the alphabet and say all the possiblities. We stay away from words like duck and fit.

I'm pretty sure that this is yet another indication of above average verbal intelligence in our little girl. Pretty soon she'll be on her pre-school's debate team, arguing against the social injustice of the extra-cost Friday snack cart.


Anonymous said...

My, my, I really do have a neat grand daughter. And that makes me happy not sappy!


Outnumbered said...

Thank goodness nothing rhymes with David!