Friday, June 22, 2007

Home semi-sweet home

This past Sunday I, by total accident, came across the listing for a home that was a wonderful buy. It was a great house, in a great location, on a great piece of land, for a great price. Matt and I thought, let's make an offer contigent on selling our house--what have we got to lose? Well, the answer is, apparently, our sanity. Five days, 3 real estate agents, 3 home viewings, 4 offers, 1 counter offer and 4,000 phone calls later, we are not one iota closer to knowing if we will get this house or not. It doesn't help that the house is currently owned by a guy who can best be described as a pompous schmuck, or that everyone else involved in this situation seems to be vacationing in another country this week (schmuck included). I am WORN OUT. Thank goodness that while we'd love to get this place, we are perfectly happy where we are and will be fine if this doesn't happen. I feel for the people who have to go through this over and over again until it finally works out. They deserve their own patron saint or something.

We are going to spend the weekend trying to NOT think about houses, and rely on our last bit of patience to wait on the final word. If we do get the house, I'd like to still be sane enough to enjoy it.


Anonymous said...

Nancy, know that our thoughts and prayers are with you and Matt and the kiddos during this time!!! It's joyous, frustrating, fun, suspenseful, and so many more things as you go through buying/selling a home!! God's Will will prevail and you will have gained so much wisdom, for yourself and others, when this is through!! Monday will be here before you know it and the ball will be bouncing somewhere and you'll know where you'll land!! God bless you all!!!

Kori and family...

Outnumbered said...

Then, once you get the new house agreed to by all parties... you get to join us in our misery of trying to sell your existing house while everything else waits in the balance. Don't you wish you could just trade in one house toward the purchase of another one... like we do for cars?