Sunday, June 3, 2007

If they just let me run the world...

There are many unwritten rules in this world that I just do not understand. When I question them alound in conversation, whoever I'm talking to, usually Matt, says "that's just the way htings have always been." What kind of reason is THAT? I realize that I am up against human nature when I suggest change, and that usually I am not an expert in whatever area I'm spouting an opinion on, but it's possible that I could be right sometimes! Let me tell you which topic has brought this issue to my attention recently.

Television schedules.

I make no secret of the fact that I love a fair number of television shows and watch them regularly. When you have kids that go to bed early, and a big TV, the stage is just set for this addiction. From September until May, I get to enjoy my favorite shows several nights a week. Then within a week or two of each other, they all end for the "season", and I am stuck watching reruns of half-rate sitcoms or, worse, SciFi (love you, honey!).

This is what I do not understand. TV networks fight tooth and nail to get their shows watched. They spend gazillions of dollars to promote each show, and then each network puts their best show on at the same time as all the other networks' best shows and hopes for the largest share of the audience. We, the said audience, race from channel to channel catching what we can, then finally give up and sacrifice watching some good shows so that we can see our favorites. As a result, some really good shows are cancelled.

So WHY don't the networks save half of their good shows and run them in the summer? Whatever network did it would certainly have the lion's share of viewer's attention for those months, and the viewers would become loyal to the show (since nothing else was on to take their attention away). Then the next "season", the network could put this new hit show from summer in its fall lineup, and it would already have a strong following. Watch, repeat!

I'm not so arrogant to think that I am the first person smart enough to think this. (Though it would seem that way) So there is presumably some reason they DON'T do this. Except what if there's not? What if I called up CBS's president and told him my idea, and he just said, "Well, the guy that was president before me did it that way, so..." In fact, that's probably what would happen--what else could we expect from the man who, this summer, is allowing his network to bring us a show called "Pirate Masters?"


Anonymous said...

OK I feel your pain. I love all of them...American Idol, Dancing with the Stars, and other reality shows...what are we to do. I hate to admit it, but I watch TV every night before I go to bed after everyone has gone to sleep. I record all my favorites, but your right....I can' record two at the same time. Anyway, that is my ME time......BUT Bro. Tom has been stepping on my toes lately about the TV!!!

Anonymous said...

Oops that was me....still a rookie blogger...

Brad said...

There are more good shows is the summer than there used to be. Big Love on HBO premieres next Monday and Entourage is also starting its 4th season in two weeks. In addition to those, a few new HBO original series are cranking up in the next month or two.

On the basic cable side of things, I've really started getting into Hex on BBC America and Kyle XY on ABC Family Channel. With the stratification of viewing habits across 500 cable channels, YouTube and other media, the days when all the good stuff was on the major networks is long gone.

And don't hate so much on Sci-Fi. Almost every TV critic around hails Battlestar Galactica as one of (if not the) best show on television. They take Lost into consideration when making that statement, too. :)

Anonymous said...

I do understand your issues with tv scheduling, however, we have come to enjoy the summer schedule. There are a couple of weeks in between the fall seasons ending and the summer season starting. That allows us to catch up on pre-recorderd shows that we had to chooose from in the fall season. And next week starts a lovely summer season....first on Tuesday nites at 8pm on (I can't remember what channel) is The Closer with Kera Sedgewick, a wonderful show. She's a real talent and is only 1 degree from Kevin Bacon. Then on Thursday nites at 8pm on FX is truly one of the best shows American TV has to offer any time of the year....Rescue Me with Dennis Leary. This show has everything!! Comedy, drama, and action and did I mention Dennis Leary? He's sooo Hot!!! Could someone call a fireman for me, Please??? ok, so then there's Weeds on Showtime, Big Love on HBO, who will have some new stuff in the next couple of weeks. There' much more...give me a call if you want more info on the line up!! Yeah, summer TV is here!!!

Outnumbered said...

How about "The Closer" on TNT, "The Next Food Network Star" on The Food Network (surprise)? We totally understand your frustration with the summer months. Our TWO TiVo's enable us to record as many as 4 shows at the same time, but there is not nearly as many shows to watch during the summer. We have gotten pretty hooked on a lot of the different real estate shows on HGTV and most of the competition shows on The Food Network.

Just a few ideas. Hey, I am anxiously awaiting a call from your buddies downstairs!! :-D

Anonymous said...

A little advice from the wife of an avid Scifi fan:

1. Battlestar Galactica really is an awesome show. See if you can catch up with some reruns this summer. Seriously, it could be a prime time network hit if they dared.

2. Encourage Matt to watch reruns of a show called Farscape (it was cancelled a few years back but they still run it b/c it was so good). There's a very nice piece of eye candy on this show named Ben Browder (he is H-O-T hot! his character's name is Crichton). He's also been on the last couple of seasons of Stargate SG-1. All the ladies reading this should check him out...he likes the tight black t-shirts :) I think he's way hotter than McSteamy :P


Miss Brown said...

I agree, The Closer is one of the best summer programs. And I hate to admit this, but Big Brother takes over my summer. Don't ever start watching it, or you'll be hooked. I'ver also been watching So You Think You Can Dance. It's amazing what these dancers can do! And don't forget the ultimate summer program: PROJECT RUNWAY!