Thursday, July 5, 2007

She's alive!

There's no excuse--I'm a slacker. My apologies, now let's move on with things.

Today officially began my 2 1/2 week vacation. Sort of. Well, it did, except that I worked for about 3 hours from home and am not done yet. What can I say? They can't live without me up there.

We had a very nice, very low key holiday. We went to our firends' Kori and Billy's house for the afternoon. They have a huge pool, and we were there with several other families we know. We had a great time, though Ethan is not a fan of a swimming pool. Abby is a regular water baby, though. After swimming a while and then eating ourselves sick we came home and got E in bed, then did some minor fireworks in the front yard. We're very lucky--from our driveway, we can see several fireworks displays around town, including that of the fearless teenage boys up the street, and the crazy fools down the street. It's like I say every year, why pay to blow yourself up when you can watch others do it, then go inside and go to bed instead of to the ER?


Outnumbered said...

What a slacker. I almost got on here last week and made a post for you!! House is out, summer is here, and we will see you next weekend!

Anonymous said...

It's about time! We were getting ready to start a blog to talk about why Nancy isn't blogging anymore! :)


Outnumbered said...

Hey Mel... that is a really good idea. "WhereIsAMENMom" or "AMENMomBlogWatch"

Outnumbered said...

She may be alive... but it is only because of the aid of LIFE SUPPORT. This blog is LAME!!! :-) Where is all the action and sharp tongue remarks?