Wednesday, February 21, 2007

I'm all about denial

Well, the real American Idol started last night. Of course, the show started several weeks ago, but for a while it's just a bunch of nonsense until they get it whittled down to the top 24. The top 12 men sang last night, and though no one blew me away I was impressed with a few of them. We shall see how the girls fare this evening. If you don't watch the show, I really do recommend it--it's fun to root for your favorite and watch these people go from being ordinary citizens to superstars. Plus, you gotta love Simon.

Last night at Abby's gymnastics class, I saw her run and do a somersault in the air without putting her hands on the ground. Since when can she do that?! It's amusing, though, because for all my daughter's gifts in the somersault department, she is definitely remedial with cartwheels. It's painful to watch. But hey, she's only three. For two more weeks, anyway. Wait. Two weeks until I have a FOUR year old? Can't..breathe....mustn'

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Mandy said...

It's really going to get you when she starts Kindergarten. They really grow too fast. By the way, who are you liking so far on Idol? So far I am liking Brandon and the B Boxer (sp) guy. I actually like quite a few of them personality wise but the show was quite hum-drum last night.