Wednesday, February 7, 2007

Who am I?

It's rare as grown ups that we get to play pretend, but I have been given the perfect opportunity. There is a Tax class in the Accounting department here that teaches students how to manage taxes and portfolios for wealthy individuals. I have signed up to help with the students' group projects. This means that 3 students are going to meet with me, posing as my accountants. I am to invent a persona for myself. I need to be wealthy--at least $40 million net worth--and create a career, a back story, and various sources of income. It needs to have a few complicated aspects to challenge the students. I'm even encouraged to use a fake name. How fun is this?!

So here's what we're going to do. Below, I'm going to list a couple of my ideas. I want EVERYONE who reads the blog, even if I don't know you, even if you have never posted before, to vote on who I should be. Feel free to make suggestions for changes or additions, or even come up with a better idea altogether. Whoever gets the most votes by noon tomorrow is who I shall be.


Barbara Smythe-Laurence. I am the owner and founder of a highly successful wedding planning company. The company has branches in 12 states, with over 200 employees. In addition to our wedding and event planning services, we have an online wedding store that does worldwide business. The company has an annual revenue of $14 million. I own a house in Northwest Arkansas, an apartment in Manhattan, a cabin in the Canadian Rockies, and a small chalet in France for my personal use. I have 12 rent houses throughout Arkansas. I have a husband but no children.

Bunny Van Hoose. I am the daughter of a very wealthy and successful oil magnate. My father passed away 5 years ago, at which point I inherited $80 million, as did each of my 3 brothers. However, my father's second wife Teensy, who is only 5 years older than me, contested the will. My brothers and I won the first round, but Teensy has appealed. For now, I am forced to live on the $10 million or so that my father gave me before he died and the return on my investment in a chain of karaoke bars in Texas. I own a house in Dallas and am single.

Mary O'Terry. Together, my husband and I built an upscale children's clothing store chain into a $90 million/year business with over 250 stores in the US and Canada. Due to our success, we have been able to retire early. We own a home in Northwest Arkansas and a vacation home on St. Thomas. We also own a yacht. Most of our money has gone into separate trust funds for each of our 6 children.. We also donate over $1 million per year to various charities.

So? Who am I? You decide!


Anonymous said...

You are a #3 born and bred!

Mandy said...

Man - Tough choice. My first thought was #2 because that would be really fun to do. But then I lean towards #3 because I think it would be harder for the students to manage.

Stephanie said...

Oh, has to be Bunny.

Jami said...

BUNNY!!!! And I must ask--Teensy??! Where do you come up with this stuff?
Keep us posted!

Melanie said...

I like #3...who wouldn't like to be in that situation? Plus, #2 might be too complicated for the kids with all the issues that might be associated with court costs, legal fees, etc.

sarah said...

You should definitely have children as that complicates the tax issues. I don't know how far they dive into international tax if at all -- so #1 may be too much with all your homes all over the joint. hmm. I think I vote #3, but I would sprinkle in some major hospital expenses or a significant gambling problem.

Outnumbered said...

From my modest experience to taxes in MBA school (smirk), I would suggest whichever you choose (my vote is number 3), you need to have several different types of stock options that you have acquired throughout your life. Say $5 million in hybrid stock from Wal-Mart... because all good Arkansans have Wal-Mart stock, say $3 million in preferred stock from MedTronic Health, and $25 million in stock options from your own company that just did an IPO worth $180 million earlier in 2006.

Oh, you also need to have some sort of major loss on the year. Let's say $12 million was wasted to your husband's failed attempt at Governor of Arkansas.

One other thing... you have recently had your best friend move in with you while her husband is looking for a job in the area. She and her three children lived in the house for 9 months during 2006, and you are completely supporting them while she acts as a nanny to your kids so you and Matt can enjoy more trips around the globe.

That should do it.

Anonymous said...

Wow! Everyone has come up with good ideas! Mine is simple -- I LOVE persona 2! How fun is this, and what a great series of characters you came up with!


Anonymous said...

I vote for #3. Hope I'm not too late!

Anonymous said...

Bunny, no questions asked! Teensy????