Thursday, February 15, 2007

Well, they don't sing their way out!

It was a lovely Valentine's Day in the AMEN house. My dear husband got me a necklace that I have been wanting, AND sent me flowers to work. The flowers were a total surprise. Good job, Luv!

The kids both had Valentine's parties at their respective schools. I thought a party for Ethan's class was a bit much, considering they are 12 months old and are barely on solid foods, but whatever. So we had two exhausted but sugared up children last night. Interesting combination. Abby brought home enough candy to keep her hyper for months.

As we do every Wednesday night, Matt and I spent yesterday evening leading the Kindergarten and first grade choir at our church. Let me tell you, that has been an interesting experience. The kids are great, but this is the age where they get really smart and start saying things that make your jaw drop. Case in point:

Last night we brought cookies for the kids. They were sitting around eating them before choir started when Kaitlin announced that her mom was pregnant. Everyone was all excited. I asked if Kaitlin hopes for a boy or a girl, and she promptly answered "twins!" Then Makennah informed Kaitlin that Kaitlin's mom's stomach was too small to hold two babies. Kaitlin retorted that no, she had met another woman whose stomach was just as small as her mom's who had had twins. "But, Miss Nancy," she said, "how do the babies get out of a mommy's tummy and into the bed?"

Um. Yeah, this falls outside of the realm of teaching kids how to sing "Jesus Loves Me".

"Anyone want another cookie?"


Michelle said...

And my child said what??? All he wants is an older sister....don't really know how to make that happen!!!

Anonymous said...

yep, that's the age when the tough questions start flowing like a river! if you're like me it doesn't matter how many stories you've heard about how to answer those questions your mind will ALWAYS draw a blank when it's your when Jacob asked me before going to the "Big Buck Classic" why hunters like to kill beautiful deer...i rattled off something about wild game overpopulation which left him with nothing but a baffled look on his face. i've since limited the amount of "animal planet" he's allowed to watch! ha ha!

Outnumbered said...

that is similar to the new Doritos commercial where the kid is showing off he artwork. "And this one is of mommy and daddy 'wrestling'" YA, give me that ONE!!!!!!!