Friday, February 9, 2007

I'm Mary, nice to meet you

The response was overwhelmingly in favor of Persona #3, so Mary O'Terry it was! The students loved it and should very much enjoy working out Mary's financial planning. You should have seen them when I told them about the 6 kids! Thanks to everyone who voted. Now you know how easy it is to comment, so no more excuses!

Ethan's 1 year checkup was yesterday afternoon, and I'm pleased to report that he's a healthy young man. He even took the shots well, only screaming for about 30 seconds. Our premier concern for him right now is that we HAVE to get his hair cut. Most of it's fine, but the parts over his ears and at the back of his neck are just a little too long. I think it's absurd to pay someone to cut what will seriously be about 30 hairs off of his tiny little head, so I've decided there's no reason I can't take care of this myself. Really, how hard can it be? I'll report on the results soon. We're on the countdown to Abby's fourth birthday (less than 2 months away) and she goes into a frenzy any time it's mentioned.

Our friends Mandy and David are in town this weekend on an exploratory mission in consideration of relocating here. We'll be seeing them tonight and tomorrow, during which time we will of course go to Gymboree so Mandy the expert can advise me on what to purchase. Every time I go there, I get about $200 worth of clothes for my kids for, like, $30. I am not making this up. The woman has an eerie talent.


Brad said...

Is this Mandy, the Ebay-tailer of Gymboree limited edition sets?

Outnumbered said...

Brad, that would be my wife, Mandy. If we do relocate to NWA, we have already decided that she needs an entire room-sized closet just to store all of the clothes she is working on to get ready to sale on eBay. I am not kidding. All three of our children are currently donating some portion of their closets or rooms to this endeavor, and over half of the shelf space in MY GARAGE is taken by items currently listed in her eBay store.

Outnumbered said...

Well, Matt and Nancy, we had a great time in NWA this weekend! We are completely pumped about the schools in Bentonville, and we have already chosen a house!!! Just continue to pray that we get the job. I hope to know more this week!!