Monday, March 5, 2007

Back to life, back to reality

The last few days have been interesting ones in the AMEN house for sure. I returned to work on Thursday, and had been here all of an hour before Ethan's school called and asked me to pick him up, as he had a fever. I did so and took him home. However, we had to leave again that afternoon--to go pick up Abby, whose school called and said she had a fever. Yahoo.

I spent the entire day Friday with one or both children on my lap. Then Matt came home, and he was sick too. It took them all weekend to recover. Abby has a hideous cough, but E seems back to normal. I was VERY glad to return to work finally.

On the looooooong plane ride home, I had some time to think about ways to spice up the blog, and I have some fun new things I'll be unveiling in the coming weeks. You should be excited! I know I am. But maybe that's just because no one's coughed on me today.

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Anonymous said...

You're creative...let's do some fun polls!