Tuesday, March 20, 2007

Ice cream can work for you too!

How does it always happen that March arrives and then before I blink it's almost over? Why March? I don't get it.

As planned, my grandmother, Abby and I headed down to Little Rock Thursday morning. I got a call on our way down with some great news--my brother Jacob and his wife Patty were at the hospital in Little Rock, preparing to deliver their twin boys! The timing was perfect. We got down to Little Rock in time to get my grandmother settled at home and spend some time with my other sister in law, Siobhan, and her cutie daughter Natalie Kate, before going up to the hospital. The twins, Andrew and Joshua, are as perfect as can be. Patty is officially my hero for delivering TWO babies the old fashioned way--I had to have a C-section just to get one out! Abby was thrilled at the prospect of two new cousins. Their older brother, Jake, and Abby get along fabulously--to the point that we have to separate them sometimes so they don't explode with giddiness. The day was great, save the moment when Abby decided to begin THIS conversation:

(Please note the use of three conversation tools I have found to be frequently successful during awkward conversations with pre-schoolers. Feel free to adapt and use yourself.)

Abby: Mom, how did the babies get out of Aunt Patty?
Me: (Stalling) The doctor helped get them out.
Abby: But HOW did they get out?
Me: (Evading) Well, I wasn't in there at the time, sweetie, so I don't exactly know.
Abby: Well, how did Ethan and me get out of YOUR tummy?
Me: (Distracting) Hey, want some ice cream?

I am SO not ready for that conversation.


Anonymous said...

We have been having the exact same conversation for about a month! He is wearing me out wanting to know that...where boogers come from....why all little boys and girls don't live with their mommies and daddies...etc. The list goes on!!

Erin said...

Oh my gosh -- "I wasn't there so I don't exactly know" -- what a cop- out :)! Just kidding! But, that is a hilarious answer that I will have to remember.

By the way, how do you explain to your child how babies are made when the way he was made (in a lab via IVF) is so different from the norm? I guess you just go with the standard, "when a Mama and Daddy REALLY love each other" route . . . I don't know. Sounds much easier than, "Well, honey, we tried and tried and tried, then we paid a doctor a LOT of money to make you in a lab . . . "



Sarah said...

Is the stork not an acceptable "lie-to-your-kid" story anymore??

Did the stork go the way of terms like "Indian-Style" and the lost lyrics to "Jesus Loves the Little Children"?

Anonymous said...

The Stork story should go the way of the Dodo... You should send Abby to a labor and delivery class at Washington Regional; I've been learning all kinds of stuff. Jeez, I'm gonna be a great dad...