Monday, March 12, 2007

Don't you wish you worked with me?

Well, we survived the birthday party--just barely. Abby had a great time, so the goal was achieved. Now we have to reprogram her as a normal kid, no longer the birthday princess that eats cake for breakfast. Speaking of eating, Ethan has decided that he will only eat cheese, crackers and Cheerios. That's it. We're about to buy stock in Kraft.

This afternoon, the staff of my office (about 15 people) are going on a staff retreat. We have a development thingie for a couple of hours, and then we are going--wait for it--bowling! We even god bowling shirts, personalized with our names. We're divided into teams, and my team is the Angry Otters. Intimidating, isn't it? It will be a throwdown for sure.

I'll post pictures of the birthday party and the bowling battle soon!


Outnumbered said...

This is one where I might be able to top you!!! This Thursday, the engineers in my office (6), are taking a belated Engineer's Week field trip to observe the process flow at..... wait for it..... Diamond Bear Brewing Company!!! The plan is to leave here at 1:00 for a late lunch at the brewery and then tour their facilities and "taste-test" the product!!!

Then, next Thursday, the whole office (9) is going out for our Quarterly Team-Building Outing. This particular time we are leaving at 11:00 for Lunch at..... wait again..... Oaklawn Park in Hot Springs!!! We will do lunch, the races and then dinner before returning to Little Rock.

Don't you wish you worked with me!! Now you understand why I am so picky about my next job I will get when we move to Bentonville.


Sarah said...

Are you trying to tell me that my husband owns a bowling shirt with his name on it? And that he agreed to wear it in public? At a bowling alley? With all you monkeys? You MUST take pictures of this.

You do realize that your afternoon sounds very Saatchi-esque! I'm jealous!