Wednesday, March 28, 2007

The Hunger Strike

Ethan has apparently decided that eating is not for him. For about the last month, he has refused any food except for cheese and bread products. It's not that he tries but doesn't like other foods--he literally will not let them get within 6 inches of his mouth. Matt and I have tried everything-- tricking him, distracting him, putting the spoon in his mouth when he's asleep, you name it. He just flat will not do it.

This is my first question. HOW did Matt and I produce a child that is uninterested in food? And then, how is this a problem you fix? We can't reason with him. We can't beg or bribe him. Last time I checked, they don't make vegetables disguised as cheese. We are helpless!

We're taking him to the doctor on Friday, more for advice than anything else. In the meantime, I'm going to look online for bread recipes that use green beans and chicken.

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Anonymous said...

DON'T WORRY!! That is what the "doctor's"told my sister, about my nephew Tyler. He is now almost 13 and is healthy and strong!! For along time, over a year, that was all he ate bread (french bread) and cheese. They told Kristin, when he gets hungry he would eat. Didn't say WHAT he would eat and he is NOT a milk drinker, so it was sports drinks to with it! After a while, they add macaroni & cheese or refried beans. He didn't have chicken nuggets until about the age 5 and his first hamburger at age 8. The other thing he lived on was Cheese-Its! I would keep trying and putting things in front of him to try on his own! Ask Kim B about Graycie's eating habits, I'm not sure she has eaten a school lunch yet!! But she is healthy and strong too!! My advise would be just don't give up! Who knows when he will reach for something that just "LOOKS" interesting to him!! Ethan will watch Abby and see that she is interested in a particular food and eventually want to try it too!!