Tuesday, May 22, 2007

The hem never stood a chance

Hannah Homemaker I'm not, but sometimes I think I could show Heloise a thing or two. This morning I was getting ready for work, and genius struck. Here's the story:

I was still in my pajamas, but was otherwise completely ready to go. I have learned that unless I want to go to work with smears of breakfast bar on my shirt, it's best to wait until the last possible moment to get dressed. I pulled the shirt I was going to wear out of the closet. It's a button down shirt, and one of those that has the incredibly annoying habit of flipping up along the hem every time I wash it. When I realized the hem was creased, it was too late to heat the iron up and pull out the ironing board. What to do? A-HA! My straightening iron was still on for last minute touch ups. I hung the shirt up on the bathroom door frame and ran my straightening iron along the hem. In 20 seconds, the fold was completely gone--it actually did a better job than the regular iron does. Now, you tell me that's not brilliant. I may never use the iron again! (No comments about the frequency with which I use it now, please)

Have any of you come up with a clever solution for something that rivals mine? Post it in the comments! Oh, and if you have been using your straightening iron to de-wrinkle clothes for years, keep it to yourself--don't burst my bubble.


Anonymous said...

Sorry I have to be the one to burst that bubble but I do use my straightener all the time to iron my clothes! I did it this morning, but of course, I do it while wearing my clothes. Chad laughs at me when I do it but it's better than trying to iron while wearing your clothes which ashamedly I've also done & been burned many times. I will give you the credit though for telling everyone your secret. The way you describe things would make anyone want to try it which is the complete opposite of my desciption that makes everyone question my sanity.


Anonymous said...

Okay, I can't claim this as my idea, but it's great!! I actually read in Reader's Digest...You need to call information, on your cell or at home, and there appears on your bill a charge from .99-$1.59 or more for that call. Call 1-800-FREE411, you have to listen to a very short soundbite for some obscure item, but then information comes on the line. And it only cost one of your minutes!!! THIS IS WONDERFUL!! I even put it on my speed dial on my cell phone so I won't have to type in!!! That's my tid bit for today!!! Great with the flat iron! I really hadn't used it for that!