Thursday, May 24, 2007

We'd take the kitchen sink if we had a bigger car...

Tonight and tomorrow morning I face the daunting task of packing for our family to spend the holiday weekend in Little Rock. We are staying until Tuesday, so I have to prepare for 4 nights away. I know everyone complains about packing, but this is on a different level. Packing for a 4 year old and a 1 year old and two adults is a major effort requiring several hours, multiple pieces of luggage in several sizes, and frequently a muscle relaxer. The sheer volume of items is astonishing. Lest you doubt, allow me to provide you with part of our packing list. This does not even include regular clothes, shoes, pajamas, etc. because everyone has to pack that, though that too is overhwelming--my children's propensity towards making messes requires at least two outfits per day to be packed.

Behold the list:

Sippy cups
Baby spoons
Ethan's toddler foods
Baby wipes
Baby thermometer
Children's medicine (Motrin, Triaminic, Benadryl)
Pack and Play
Pack and Play sheet
Baby monitor
Bouncy Balls
Assorted other toys
Abby's LeapPad game
Portable DVD player
Baby body wash/shampoo
Abby's pillow
Giant stuffed Dora the Explorer
Cell phone chargers
Camera batter charger
Video camera
Video camera battery charger

Remember, this is a partial list. As I look back over it, I realize that many of you might think we overpack and bring lots of things we don't need. You are wrong. It's true that we may not use, say, the medicines on every trip, but the kids come down with random things frequently enough that I'm not about to jinx us by going anywhere without it. Most of these things have made their way on the list via trial and error--for example, we once went to visit my grandmother on a beautiful weekend without any outside toys for them to play with, and that was an error. Now we are prepared.

At some point, probably about 10 minutes before we leave, I will remember to pack for myself, but it will be too late to do any of my laundry. This is why I will spend the weekend in a t-shirt from high school and dress pants or something.

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Anonymous said...

Nance, I can't wait to show this one to Billy! He thinks I overpack when we go to doesn't compare!! Have a wonderful time visiting your Grandmother!! You guys will be missed and will have to come over and BBQ another time!!

Kori "o)