Monday, August 27, 2007

Beckham's got nothing on my girl!

I know that my posts have been a little Foxy Loxy-centric lately, but I just have to brag one more time--the girls played on Saturday, and Abby scored FIVE goals! She was a rock star on the field. She it! She kept stealing the ball and knowing just what to do with it. I was so proud! We caved and did the parent-tunnel, and the girls acted like we took them on a ride at Disneyworld--it was sweet.


Anonymous said...

Okay. That is AWESOME!! I am so ready to coach and do the arm-tunnel, you don't even know. Go Abby.

Anonymous said...

Watching her play was the highlight of the trip! I loved it when, after she scored a goal, she ran over to "GiGi" and gave her a big kiss! And "Gigi" will tell of that kiss forever! She was so proud! As we all were! Though, I do seem to recall that she aquired a nickname before the game was over, something like "ball hog!" which is only fitting since she is playing in the middle of "hog country" and she was hogging the ball! Regardless, she scored, we cheered, she LOVED the attention and the arm tunnel will spread throught out the state like the "wave"! My "angel girl" did me proud! I'd love to see my "angel boys" in a match with the Foxie Loxies! Who would win??!!

Love, Crazy Aunt Linda