Monday, August 13, 2007

The Great Pumpkin

You know how sometimes you'll do something out of laziness, but you tell yourself and maybe other people that there was a perfectly legitimate reason for doing it? For example, maybe you don't mow the yard for a few days, but you insist that it's because you get a better workout if the grass is a little higher, or you take off your shoes by the front door instead of taking them to your room, operating under the theory that really you're a preservationist--by saving the shoes those steps, you are lengthening their lives. Maybe you've never done these particular things, but don't pretend you don't know what I'm talking about.

If you're a pro at this like both Matt and I are, then you know that if you participate in this behavior often enough, every once in a while your laziness produces a truly beneficial result. Case in point: our pumpkin patch.

Last Halloween, Matt carved a pumpkin for the house. Now, anyone who visits our house knows that we love to decorate for holidays, but we're not quite so good at the removal of the decorations. My Easter wreath came down in mid-June, we had the Thanksgiving centerpiece on our dining room table for 4 months, and we finally accepted our shortcomings and left half of our Christmas lights up for next year--we figured it would just save time. See what I mean about this laziness thing? We could write a book.

Anyway, sometime in mid-November, we realized that the Halloween pumpkin was getting a little, well, rotten. Matt tucked it under the bush next to our driveway on our way out one day, convincing me, and himself I'm sure, that it would be good for the nearby plants. We forgot all about it until a couple of months ago. The first time Matt went out to clean up in that area, he was quite startled to find pumpkin vines growing everywhere. They have taken over the whole side of the house--some of the leaves are a foot long. Soon, we got a real surprise--right in the middle of our typical little suburban landscaping sat this beauty:

In case you can't tell, this is a very good sized pumpkin--the perfect carving size, in fact. Too bad it's reached its peak in August. I think if we had managed to grow a tree that produced Tootsie Rolls in the front yard we could not have excited Abby more--to have her own pumpkin growing in her VERY OWN YARD is the highlight of her summer. You would think she had tended the thing herself from when it was a wee little seed.

As fun and novel as our pumpkin is, I'm kind of relieved it's the only one. I can just imagine pumpkins piled up the side of our house, spilling onto the driveway, the vines starting to climb the walls. Matt thinks we'll have more next year, so we may have to prepare ourselves. Not that we'll do anything about it--I'm sure there will be an advantage to just leaving the pumpkin patch alone to do its own thing. If there's not, we can always make one up.


Aunt Joyce said...

NANCY!!! That Pumpkin that you and Matt grew accidentally couldn't be equaled by a professional farmer! It really is beautiful. Would it last until October if you watered it really good?! (Or maybe they don't need much water?) You could always start your own Pumpkin Patch! :)
Aunt Joyce

Mandy said...

That is Great! I'll have to show the kids next time we come over. Your updated photos are great, BTW.

Alice said...

What a bee-a-utiful punkin' in your driveway. If you would have "tried" to plant that it probably wouldn't have turned out so

What are you plans for that big orange thang?

Alice said...

Yes....would love to meet up with you in October. Our email is Mel and Mandy, please feel free to contact us too.

So good to be back in some kind of contact with "old" friends (of course, not calling any of you

Anonymous said...

You are the perfect example of: You can take the girl out of the country, but you can't take the country out of the girl! What will you grow next year?! And you always thought the only place you could get a pumpkin was at WalMart or Kroger! Have you ever raised one of those pet chia things?? The thing that grows grass when you water it?!! The kids would have a blast with that! But you might not want to leave it outside, some of them resemble those little troll people that the kids play with! If you left it outside for a year........... I can't imagine! Give Abby and E a hug and kiss for me! Love, LKM