Wednesday, August 15, 2007

Hey, at least he has hobbies!

I think poor Ethan is at a disadvantage in terms of blog appearances. He doesn't really talk yet, which limits his ability to say odd, blogworthy things--a gift that his sister seems to have in spades. All I ever talk about with E are his various illnesses. So in honor of my son I present, based on evidence submitted by him, the...

Top 10 Things 18 Month Old Boys Like To Do

1. Open doors
2. Close doors
3. Climb things
4. Jump on people and/or dogs lying on the floor
5. Eat things--preferably, but not necessarily, food
6. Yell really loudly
7. Run
8. Pull things out of drawers and cabinets
9. Be naked
10. Throw things

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