Sunday, August 5, 2007

It would have made GREAT ESPN footage.

I feel like the second half of this week happened on fast forward. Thursday evening was Abby's first soccer practice. I was a bit nervous for Matt, who along with Chad had to coach a group of 4 year old girls who had never played an organized sport before. However, the men rose brilliantly to the occasion, and the girls displayed a surprising amount of talent for first-timers. This could be quite the season for the Foxy Loxies! Yes, that's the team name--Matt thought of it, if you can believe it. Foxy Loxy is a character from the movie Chicken Little. The name suits these girls perfectly. I am campaigning with the other moms to get our own t-shirts that say Foxy Mamas. Has a nice ring, don't you think?

Friday was my office's annual staff retreat. It is tradition that my boss Karen plans the staff retreat and no one but her knows what we're doing until that day. This year she let me plan it, and I had a great time. I'll spare you all the details, but let me just give you a few highlights. The theme was Office Olympics. The games we played included Post-It Note Fencing, Duct Tape Archery, and the Dolly Pairs Obstacle Course. The final event was an Office Chair Relay held on a full size track. It was hysterical. I worked my tail end off to plan the whole thing, and I think it went well--at least I think everyone enjoyed themselves.

Now we head into an equally, if not more, busy week. Matt is going on a short trip for work, my job dives from the kiddie pool of crazy straight into the deep end of insane, and somewhere in there we have to squeeze in soccer, gymnastics and a wedding. But hey, it's nothing a Foxy Mama can't handle!


Mandy said...

Ah - but you forgot the best part of the weekend - 3 glorious hours of shopping and eating - KID FREE!! I am feeling recharged and ready to hit another week with 3 kids and daddy in Little Rock. Hopefully this week goes as well as last week :)

Aunt Joyce said...

But OF COURSE Foxy Loxy is from Chicken Little! Who wouldn't know that?! I am anxiously awaiting the next episode of The Foxy Loxies! I'll check the Sports Section.