Tuesday, August 21, 2007


It wasn't us! It was them! The Foxy Loxies had their second game tonight, and it was an even match--proving my theory that Saturday's mess was not because of our girls' lack of ability, but the other teams' freakishness. Tonight was what a 4 year old soccer game is SUPPOSED to look like. And guess what? ABBY SCORED A GOAL! She was beside herself. I screamed my head off for her, and then started crying. The other moms laughed at me, but whatever--they cried when their babies did good too. She was SO proud of herself.

I am so far surviving the first week of school, though only barely at times. I looked just for fun, and I sent 92 emails today. Plus processed over 100 class override requests. I think it's fair to say I'm pretty tired of students right about now. Every once in a while I come across a nice one, though. Very occasionally, they even bring me gifts. I got some coupons for free salad dressing once. Don't mock, the guy worked for the company, and it was GOURMET dressing. One girl's dad worked for Staples, so I got a huge box of highlighters and Sharpies and pencils--the OCD color-coding freak in me went crazy. The most common thing that happens when I help a student out, though, is for their parent to email and thank me. This happens most often when the parent is high ranking in whatever company they work for for some reason. And without fail, the last line of the email is always, "I work at XYZ Bank/Smith and Smith Law Firm/Such and Such Real Estate Company, and if there is anything I can do for you in return for helping my child, please let me know." Then they sign and prominently place their title in bold below their name.

I never know what to make of this. Is it just something they are saying to be polite? Are they trying to assert their superiority? Are they trying to get business? Or could I go to Mr. Bank Executive and be like,"Hey, I did kind of set your daughter up real nice with her fall schedule--how about an extra grand or two finds its way mysteriously into my checking account?" I don't think I want to find out, so typically I just respond with a polite "Thank you, happy to help" and move on. Nice to know it's a possibility, though.


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Anonymous said...

CONGRATULATIONS, ABBY!!! It's great to hear that the girls (coaches and parents!) are having a wonderful time! That's the best thing they can have when season is done, is that they had fun!!! I know you'll be ready for next week to start and student schedules to settle down! I would just file those return emails from parents away for 'just in case'! I don't think an extra thousand will show up (but wouldn't that make for some very nice shopping!), but you never know when you might need an extra word from one of them...Keeps us posted on the Foxie Loxies!!!

Kori "o)

Alice said...

I love that you cried about the goal (GO ABBY). That sounds like something I would do and Brian would be making fun of me the whole time I was doing it.

Us Mammas and our babies!!!