Tuesday, January 8, 2008

And one and two and STRETCH that chin!

The weekend was much fun, as expected. Everyone even managed to remain clothed! We were lucky enough to have Matt's cousin Shara, who lives in China but was home for a visit, join us this time. We did a lot of shopping and lounging and eating. A few highlights of the weekend:

- Being in a car with Matt's sister and three cousins on our way to get ice cream, and stopping for an "appetizer" when we saw the Krispy Kreme hot donuts light on. Don't judge us!

- Watching his aunt and cousins display their flexibility through various yoga poses they're learning (some of those poses are just not humanly possible, I'm sorry).

- Learning that there are in fact exercises one can do to combat "double chin syndrome." It got to be status quo that the last thing we would hear before a photo was taken was someone yelling, "Remember, chins out!"

Here are a couple of pictures. The first is our traditional group shot (well, traditional save Matt's grandma flashing the peace sign). The next one is our attempt to mimic the Hollywood stars who always pose so specifically on the red carpet. How do you think we did?


Katrenia said...

Gosh Nancy, your blogs ALWAYS make me laugh! Thanks for the fun memories of the weekend. Maybe clothes stayed on because the flasher was absent this year? There are a couple of people in last year's photo that are NOT in this year's photo . . . .

Anonymous said...

Now, one more time - tell me who that beautiful lady is in the violet colored top?!
Aunt Joyce