Wednesday, January 16, 2008

It's her party, but I'll do the crying thank you!

In less than two months, Abby will turn 5. I have thus far managed to push from my mind the implications of this, especially since when I even hear the word Kindergarten I start to hyperventilate a little. There's one thing about it, though, that I have to face: the birthday party.
Last year we had Abby's birthday party at the place where she was taking gymnastics lessons, and it was a huge hit. I posted some pictures from the party afterwards:

I'm having real problem planning this year's party, for several reasons:

- I have a severe aversion to the "birthday party mills" like Chucky Cheese and Fun City, where they charge you a ridiculous amount of money to get to be one of 17 birthday parties going on at the same time.

- I refuse to pay $200 or more to let 5 year olds skate, decorate cakes, paint pottery, or ride ponies.

- Our house isn't big enough, or clean enough, to have it there. We tried it for her third birthday, and it nearly killed me. Our dog still hasn't recovered.

- The weather is too unpredictable in March to plan an outside party.

- I have this really inconvenient desire to give my children simple, fun, non-ridiculous birthday parties that are maybe a little different from what every other kid has.

I do have a few ideas. She's interested in a bowling party, and if I can find a place that has a party room that costs less than a week of child care, that might work. I thought about creating a scavenger hunt or something for the kids, but I still need a space. I could do it at the Jones Center, but the kids would all be mad that they weren't swimming or ice skating there.

I need ideas! I don't know why, but to me turning 5 is a big deal and I want her to have a memorable day. Of course, if this is the party that all the other kids talk about for years, then that's just an added bonus.


Anonymous said...

We went to a bowling party last month and Jacob loved it.

Stephanie said...

So fun! I cannot believe she will be 5!!!!! I saw this on another blog I read and it may be too boy-ish but I think the adventure aspect would be oh SO fun for boys or girls. What about a campfire party? Set up a tent in the backyard with a campfire and smores and fun stories? Here is the blog I read
Maybe a pink tent though? Hehe!
Love you,

Anonymous said...

What about giving back? Might be kind of hard and take a little planning, but what would make seniors in an assisted living home happier than to have her birthday party there?? Let the kids enjoy the seniors, sing songs, Abby's Happy Birthday song of course, and songs they have learned at pre-school. In the invitation to the party explain to the parents what your doing, and instead of bringing gifts for Abby (and it's not like she won't get anything! from family etc. hahaha) bring them for the residents! bath soap, hair spray, socks, etc. you know they always need that stuff- and seldom have family or the opportunity to go out and get the personal things they need. Some of them probably don't have family close by and would love the opportunity to be in on the festivities. And they could share cake too! Seniors and children have a special place in my heart- and what a blessing it would be to teach the kids about giving back- and remind them how important all seniors are. Like "Gigi's, MiMi's, Grandmommies, and grandpa's!

Might be too complicated but to me, it's sure worth a try! lkm