Thursday, January 24, 2008

Picture Pages, Picture Pages

I have gotten flack from more than one blog reader that I don't post enough pictures on here. It's certainly true that the blog is not reflective of my almost manic photography of our family. The digital camera is a true blessing for me, but it's also overwhelming. You can take as many pictures as you want, and it costs you nothing unless you get them printed. It's so fun! The part that comes after that is what's not fun--the uploading the pictures to the computer, formatting, organizing, saving, copying, blah blah blah. It is very time consuming, and I tend to just put it off.
I finally got with the program and downloaded tons of photos last night. I now present for you, the loyal fans and people I know who are really bored at work, a peek at the last couple of months with AMEN(warning: what I lack in timeliness, I make up for in volume. This is a LOT of pictures):

Abby and my friend Sarah making their second annual Gingerbread House:

I think this picture is really sweet, but I posted it mainly to show off my man's new beard. I LOVE it, and so does most everyone else--with the exception of his mother, who hates it and is very vocal about it.

Ethan has taken to snatching this little stool, sneaking it to his room, and standing on it to reach his light switch and turn his room into a strobe light disco. Here he is caught in the act. Note that he appears completely unconcerned with being found doing something wrong:

Abby and her church crowd sang in front of the congregation before Christmas. They were a huge hit, and as you can see, Abby was a little shy from all the attention.

I volunteered to help Abby's teacher, Ms. Kathy, with her class Christmas party. THAT was an experience. The kids all made reindeer shirts and were so unbelievably cute.

I LOVE these next pictures. They so perfectly depict what was happening. Abby wanted a good picture of her and her daddy--he was in a mood to be difficult, which probably wasn't helped by the antlers he was forced to wear. She caught him acting up and immediately took action. We finally got one good shot.

Lots of kids have a "Lovey"--a stuffed animal or doll that they sleep wtih. Ethan has a whole farm. All are indispensable. Allow him to introduce the crew:

Kack-Kack (he doesn't say duck):
Aah-Aah (doesn't say monkey either):

I have said many times on this blog that my son is a daredevil. Here is just a taste of what our life is like with this child:

Christmas pictures! Here's Abby with her new bike and HIgh School Musical helmet. Note the new High School Musical pajamas, a beloved present from Gamommy and Nya Nya.

Abby is also obsessed with her "iPod"--a little mp3 player that we got her that she uses to listen to her High School Musical music while wearing her High School Musical robe.

What, you ask, a non-High School Musical gift? Indeed, it's a guitar from Poppy D and Donnet.

Don't let this picture fool you. Ethan has been on his little 4-wheeler for a grand total of 7 seconds since Christmas. He has no interest, probably because he's faster and sneakier on foot.

Abby with her twin cousins Matt and Noah. Those boys are SO cute and SO wild. Abby fits right in.

And finally, I give you Abby's second choice for Halloween costume this year--Bono:

Told you it was a lot! But it was worth it, you have to admit.


Anonymous said...

Hey nan!

I am stunned at how big Abby and Ethan are getting. It has only been a couple of months since I have seen them and Abby has shot up there and grown a foot and Ethan is not far behind her!

Those reindeer shirts that Abby's class made are awesome! By the way tell Matt that the reindeer antlers were made for him :-)


Alice said...

Thanks for taking the time to share your family with us. I enjoyed the pictures (I know it takes a lot of time to load pics but the grandparents get restless and VOCAL when we don't post them).

Melanie said...

Great pictures! Love the beard (Joshua did that this time last year...i have a picture...might post it)! Abby and Ethan really are getting so big! Very nice to see that Abby is showing good taste in Halloween costumes too :)