Wednesday, January 23, 2008

Winter's Wrath

I love a snow day as much as anyone, but it gets really annoying when weather messes up my plans. Yesterday, Tuesday, I was supposed to be at a meeting in Jonesboro (which is way the heck on the other side of the state) at 10:30 in the morning. Since I am NOT a morning person OR a long-distance-driving-by-myself person, I decided to break the trip up. Sunday afternoon I went to Little Rock to spend the night with my grandmother. My plan was to leave her house Monday afternoon and go to Jonesboro, spend the night there, go to my meeting Tuesday and head straight home after. Great plan. Until Winter's Wrath came along.

(Winter's Wrath is NOT a name I made up. It's the title our news stations give to the weather every time there is more than a heavy frost outside. It's really ridiculous. If we really are ever the recipients of winter's wrath, no one will believe it because the news programs have been screaming it for ages. It's their favorite news term, except for Meth Madness, which they use every time someone in NWA is arrested for making meth, which is like daily, so it has lost its potency too. Not the meth, the term.)

But I digress.

I found out late Monday afternoon that my meeting was canceled. The problem was that bad weather was supposed to start in NWA before I could get home, so I ended up just staying in Little Rock again. This ended up being quite lovely, because I got to spend a whole extra day with my grandmother. First, we found a box of old dresses that included my prom dresses and my 8th grade formal dress. I am proud to say that I fit into all, and my senior prom dress was even too big! Which is too bad, because if I was ever invited to a 90s party, that dress would SO be the perfect thing to wear.

We also went through boxes of old pictures, and I brought a bunch home. To prove my willingness to make a fool of myself for a good blog post, I intend to scan some of the more painful shots and post here soon. Trust me, it's not to be missed.

Since I was there an extra night, I was also able to have dinner with my friend Tamara, who moved there with her family when her husband started medical school. I hadn't seen her in forever and we had a great time catching up. Plus, as soon as we sat down at the restaurant, Tamara picked up the dessert menu to decide what we were getting--that is MY kind of friend!

I made it safely home on Tuesday, and am now getting ready to usher Ethan into being two, which he officially begins Friday. He's taking the role very seriously, practicing to live up to the "Terrible Twos" beautifully. It's one term that will NOT be an understatement in our house.


Melanie said...

I think any pictures you might post with any of your high school girlfriends should first be approved by them! :) some of them could be quite scary!

Jenn said...

I can not believe that Ethan is about to be two years old nor that Abby is about to be five! It seams unreal to me that they should be that old. You know what this means don't you...we are getting old!!!

I also thing that in regards to mel's comment that you don't need to get approval from them to post the fabulous pictures that you found of you guys from high school! Scary is also funny!

Hope you guys have a great rest of the week! Talk to latter.