Tuesday, May 13, 2008


I'm about to leave to head to Little Rock to hang out with my grandmother and take her for a checkup. Before I go, a couple of tidbits:

-On Saturday my sister-in-law Renee graduated with her Master's degree in Teaching English to Students of Other Languages from Arkansas Tech. YAY Renee!

- For Mother's Day, Abby, my mom and I went to a nail salon. Abby got a manicure and mom and I got pedicures. Ahhhhhhhh.

- Ethan has a horrific cough that can only be soothed by administering albuterol, a steroid, through an inhaler mask. From the response we get, you would think it was mustard gas. Fortunately he doesn't know how to hold a grudge yet.

- Abby told me I looked nifty yesterday.


Anonymous said...

Ethan might still be a bit young for this to work, but it works WELL with Isaac for albuterol. Isaac has been to the fire station to visit the fire fighters and take a tour. He watched them put on their equipment, including the gas mask/oxygen breathing stuff. With the inhaler and mask, we told him he was "breathing like a fire fighter" and made a big deal about it. Now we ask him if he wants to breathe like a fire fighter, and then he counts with us as he takes the breaths. I could not believe it, but it totally works!


Brad said...

We totally did the same thing as Erin and Michael. Finn's inhaler mask has been called the "fire fighter mask" for well over two years now.