Wednesday, May 28, 2008

What are you lookin at?

This afternoon AMEN is heading to Little Rock for a long weekend to celebrate my grandmother's 81st birthday. Hopefully I'll have plenty of good pictures and stories when we return. In the meantime, I want to share with you all something that's very dear to my heart: my favorites list.

Most everyone I know has a list of websites saved on their browser under My Favorites that they visit regularly, and I am no exception. Of course I have my list of friends' blogs that I check on. What I'm talking about today, though, are the other sites I go to--those that somehow I have stumbled across and become addicted to. I love finding great sites to visit, but I hate going to all the effort of finding them, so I thought we could help each other out. I am listing some sites that I love below, along with a brief description. I hope you like them! Please add a comment and list any sites you think I (or anyone else) would enjoy. Let's see what we come up with!

Okay, My Favorites (in no particular order):
It is what you think it is, but it's my favorite place to get the news every day
If I were a fantastically clever, talented, creative baker, I would be Bakerella. Get ready to drool!
Beth Moore is my all-time favorite Bible study creator, and it helps that she is one of the funniest women alive. This is the personal blog that she and her daughter write. It is alternatingly hysterically funny and thought provoking. Beth is a true Southern woman, but we share a loathe of cooking. This post about one of her attempts had tears of laughter streaming down my face:
This is a fascinating website that was started as an experiment by a guy in Maryland a few years ago. He published his home mailing address (!) and invited people to send him postcards on which they'd written a secret. Every Sunday, he posts 20 new secrets on the website. It's grown into this huge phenomenon, and there are several books of secrets that have been published. The secrets range from someone announcing they still love their high school sweetheart to admitting being abused. A warning: he does NOT filter for content, so some of the postcards are graphic and/or contain potentially offensive language.
Guilty pleasure! This site posts pictures and news of celebrity parents and parents-to-be. It's lots of cute baby pictures, and much less snarky than most celebrity sites.
This is a progressive Christian organization that focuses on activism humanitarian issues like poverty and child welfare. I've been reading their stuff for a while, and so far I have agreed with them 100% of the time.

There they are! Now it's your turn...


Alice said...

I too read LPM, Beth Moore.

I have saved tons of money through checking out this blog everyday

It has sales and best diaper and formula deals of the week, links to coupons, etc.

The guy who does the secret postcards lives down the street from us. I love to read the cards but haven't done it in a long time so thanks for the reminder.

I mostly read blogs and facebook accounts when I get "free" time (usually while feeding a bottle or eating my breakfast).

Mellie said...

I too am a fan (I think they have the nicest format for finding stories and headlines), and Alice got me hooked on Baby Cheapskate too!

Every once in a while, I'll check out (it's my secret shame). But at least I can bypass all the stories that I don't care about and only read the ones I'm interested in.

If you like bakerella, you might like this baking site too Cream Puffs in Venice ( I love the title! and she named it so because "I would love to be in Venice eating a fresh cream puff and enjoying a perfect espresso. And I’d love to be in Paris eating the perfect croissant" etc... I like how she thinks :)

Katrenia said...

I just redesigned my department webpage and used as my style basis. It is easy to use!

And of course, I'm a addict.

I like to shop at for just the right fun / unique gift. One of my favorite purchases was a hat that said "In dog years I'm dead". Perfect for that milestone birthday!

I'll also give a quick plug for my Barefoot Books website because they are awesome children's books - and we're having a sale right now!