Monday, May 26, 2008

Moo on, Ethan

More times than I can count, one of the kids has done something so hysterically funny that I race to get the video camera, despite the fact that I KNOW that as soon as I have the camera they will refuse to do it again. I finally got the goods, though! Ethan loves for us to sing Old McDonald (the CowPig song to him), and he gets very into the animal sounds. He was moo/oinking his heart out the other night, and was actually willing to do it in front of the camera. This is my first attempt to post a video, so I sure hope it works. Oh, and just because I know you'll wonder why he thinks a whale says ah-choo, there's a sneezing whale on one episode of Dora the Explorer. He's nothing if not observant.



Alice said...

Oh my gosh how cute is he. It makes me want a little boy....shhhhh don't tell Brian.

Great singing Mommy!

Mandy said...

Ha! It looks like Ethan has your ability to make me laugh hysterically. I loved it when you prompted him on a sound then he would whisper it. He did great hamming it up. I have yet to get my kids performing on video

Katrenia said...

So, what sound DOES a turtle make? The vid is a hoot, thanks for sharing!

Mellie said...

That is precious! How fun! :)