Tuesday, May 5, 2009

AI: Conspiracy Theory

I am an optimist. I always look for the good in a situation, and I always try to believe the best about people.


I'm having a hard time right now. Since the show's beginning, conspiracy theorists have accused American Idol producers of having a hand in determining the winner, from weighted judges' comments to performance order to outright vote rigging. I have always brushed off the idea, but after tonight, I'm finally starting to think it's probably true. The evidence:

1. The only person to receive rave reviews is Adam. Not all that unheard of, but put it in context with the rest.

2. Adam has never gone first (considered a huge detriment) until tonight. A night that was clearly going to be his to own by virtue of the genre (rock and roll). He has, however, gotten the coveted last performance spot more than once.

3. The genre was rock and roll! In a season that has given the contestants more freedom than ever before in song choice (Billboard Top 100s! iTunes downloads!), a niche type of music like rock and roll, which so clearly does suit two contestants and does NOT suit the other two, is quite fishy this late in the game.

4. More than once, Simon referred to Adam's brilliance while judging OTHER people's performances.

5. Even though Adam and Allison went first and second, they STILL managed to be the last performers with this crazy duet business. Those duets didn't do any favors for Kris or Danny, but were a genius move for Allison and Adam.

6. This is a little farfetched, but I started trying to vote for Kris a little after 8, and neither of his numbers started working until around 8:20. Now, I can get through most of the time, but there is a good 10 second pause between the time the number's dailed and the time the recording picks up. Also, about one out of every 5 or 6 calls never connects. Did anyone vote for one of the other contestants? Was your experience the same?

Well, this wasn't technically a review of the performances of the show, but I'm feeling a little jaded right now. I hope you'll understand. I like Adam--a lot. I just don't think it's fair that the cards seem to be stacked for him.

I really want to know what everyone thinks. Am I right? Or just paranoid? Did you vote? What happened? Did Lee Harvey Oswald act alone?


The Langhams said...

I think I have thought it was rigged since the second season..that is when I started watching..But then again, Rueben won..and everyone swore Clay would..I don't know. But to answer your question, I used to vote by phone and I always had numbers that didn't start on time or would not connect and it was always someone that ended up leaving soon after......I totally agree with the set up tonight...that was ALLLL for Adam and Allison, totally not set up for the other two.

Patty said...

I thought that the choice of rock and roll with only 4 left was not fair. I voted several times for Kris, and I had the same problems. It took several seconds to connect and I had to hang up a few times because I gave up. I'm worried about Kris though.

Anonymous said...

I have always trusted America and how the show has turned out. I am dissapointed the contestants didn't have a bigger category to choose from. I called way over 200 times but only about half went through. If Kris get voted off because we had bad weather I will be very mad!!!!

Outnumbered said...

I definitely feel like there was some bias yet but I am not sure if I am ready to jump on the conspiracy theory boat yet. There have been genres on other weeks that didn't agree with certain contestants / worked very well for a particular contestant i.e. Danny last week. Is it just because it is so close to the end? Speaking of Danny, I had to fast forward through the end of his song - it was downright painful. However I think / hope it will come down to Allison & Chris tomorrow night. I think it is Allison's age but something doesn't feel real / authentic about her. Mandy

Melanie said...

I am so bummed that I missed tonight's show! yes, we live in the dark ages of no dvr :P anyway, while it may not be completely rigged, i do believe that the producers do what they think they can get away with to lean voters one way or the other. They are the ones that could be out a lot of money, so they have quite a bit of temptation there. But I'm a skeptic anyway...i think the NBA and MLB playoffs are rigged too. They almost always go 7 games with just a few exceptions.

Anonymous said...

I know it's rigged some how!! My sister-in-law & mi brother drove to Nashville to "try out" for AI, but low & behold, it was for the WORST singers!! They were told not to cheer & they were looking for the worst singers for the show!! Haven't watched AI since!! Sorry about the business op, Nance, another, better one will come to you guys!!
Kori "o)

Matt said...

I said all of the exact same things to Cori last night while we were watching it! I've been saying the entire season, though, that this is rigged for Adam to win - they picked him out at the beginning of the process and have ushered him all the way through.

Sarah said...

Have none of you people seen American Dreamz (I throw up in my mouth a little at the thought of ending words in a "z")?? It's all rigged! Also, Nancy, reading your weekly Idol updates makes me want to watch the show. I may have to tune in next season. If it doesn't interfere with The Biggest Loser...

Alice said...

Maybe I am a little biased because Adam is my pick to win. I don't want either Kris or Danny to win top spot because then they will be forced to produce the type of music that AI wants them to do. I want them to be able to go back to their christian roots if they want that option. Just my opinion. I am not so sure that there aren't some things tweeked behind the camera :)