Sunday, May 24, 2009

Busy day

Friday was a big day for AMEN. Abby had her Kindergarten Celebration. It was adorable--120 6 year olds singing their hearts out. I cried the whole time. Look at their fancy rainbow look. Abby's on the back row, 5th from the left.

Here's the sassy thing afterwards. Her daddy gave her the flowers.
AMEN, minus the E. We decided that Ethan should go to Mother's Day Out as usual, or the day would not so much be about Abby as it would be about chasing Ethan through the auditorium.

Abs and her BFF Audrey. Audrey's dad was with the program on flowers too.

Later that night, we decided to take the kids to this random carnival that had set up shop in Springdale. We took Audrey with us, and right when we got there we ran into one of Abby's good friends from school, Lilyana, and her mom. The three girls were connected at the hip for the rest of the night.

Abby loves a good ride (she is my daughter after all) and even though Audrey is a little more timid, they were both ready to get on the kid coaster. I LOVE this picture of them. (Notice their earrings shining in the sunlight)
Ethan delighted in the rides too. He loves anything that's as wild as he is.

I rode the Ferris wheel and the Scrambler with Abby. I used to love the Scrambler, but I've clearly gotten old, because the whole time I was on it, all I could think was "OW! My neck! OW! My back!" She giggled hysterically the entire time, and rode it twice more with Lily.

It was such a great night--the weather was perfect and the kids were as close to angels as they've ever been.

We were tempted to go back the next night but decided not to because 1) Some memories should stand alone, and cannot be repeated, and 2) That carnival was a heist. $20 for one armband, even for Ethan!
We're doing shockingly little the rest of this holiday weekend, and I couldn't be more pleased. Laziness is a hobby of mine that I don't get to practice too often.


Matt said...

Enjoy your lazy weekend... I'll put you to work next weekend! :o)

The Langhams said...

cute pics..I am gonna be so sad at Blaike's kinder graduation..:( It seems like it will happen in no time. :( boo. The pic with Ethan on the car ride thing is great, and Abby after her graduation with those flowers and her hip out...gotta love it.

Melanie said...

That looks like so much fun! :) The Scrambler rocks!