Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Did Ryan really call them the 3 Amigos?

These are your three finalists, and THIS (pause) IS THE ADAM SHOW!

Oh wait.

Seriously, it's obnoxious how blatantly AI is setting it up for Adam to take the win. The thing is, I LIKE Adam. Just fine. What I don't like is the fact that the producers are trying to affect the outcome. For crying out loud, Simon ASKED people to vote for Adam! I mean, if you're going to try to manipulate the results, at least be moderately discreet about it.

Okay, anti-propoganda speech completed, moving on. My observations of the show tonight:

1. Terrence Trent D'Arby?
2. I LOVE the song Apologize, and I think Kris did just fine with it.
3. Love Adam, but you don't mess that much with a song like One. You just don't.
4. Danny was great in round two. Finally learning to mix it up a little and get original.
5. Kris' song choice was BRILLIANT. Kanye West? Really? Talk about swagger. He had it in spades. I thought it was a fantastic performance. I was going to go postal if the judges weren't in love, but fortunately they were.
6. Sorry again Adam, but you just can't out-scream Steven Tyler.
7. What's up with them not showing the hometown visits at all? I guess they're going to put it on tomorrow night, but hasn't it always been on the performance show in the past?

I've been voting like crazy since the show was over. I'm having a hard time getting through, which is good news. Even now I'm typing a few words, then voting.

What did you think? Are you voting? What was the best performance of the night? (It was Heartless for me, hands down.)


Melanie said...

I'm not even commenting on the sacrilege that was "One". You gotta know how I feel.

I've never voted for AI before, but I voted for Kris tonight. I was totally psyched by his Kanye choice. I'd never heard the original before, so I checked out a sample from itunes...Kris's version is by far superior. And when is an Arkansan gonna get this far on AI again anyway? :)

I don't feel too much one way or the other about Kara DiGuarnadichelio (or whatever it is), but I quite enjoyed Simon putting her in her place regarding the arrangement thing. Kris did a good job, but the song just sounded weird to me, and that wasn't his fault.

Patty said...

We SO have to get a DVR! My brother and his wife are having their baby tonight and my mom called at the beginning of Kris' second song to give me an update! Not complaining about the update, just about the timing! :) I missed Adam's second song as well. Then I forgot to vote! Very distracting night!

Cori said...

I like Adam, too, but I also hate how they are making it his show! I thought Danny's "You are so Beautiful" was brilliant. It made me almost cry! I liked Kris' "Heartless" version, but I thought he got a little behind on his guitar.

I voted close to 100 times for Danny because I just love him.

Autumn said...

I totally agree with the Adam comments, especially about screaming Steven Tyler. Since when did that make you a rock star? I like him, but it's getting old.

As for Kris and Danny, I thought they both did great. Loved "Heartless" and "You Are So Beautiful". Kris is still my pick, no matter what actually happens.

As for the judges...they're making me glad the season is over. If they want to argue with each other then do it during the week when I don't have to watch. If I wanted to see people bicker I'd watch some other reality show.

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