Monday, May 11, 2009

Bling for my baby

I can't believe I'm just now getting around to writing this post. The weekend was a smidge hectic. Anyway, on Friday, AMEN had dinner plans with our good friends Chad and Marla and their kids, Audrey (Abby's BFF), Avery (Ethan's betrothed) and Ailey (the squishy baby). Marla and I decided at the last second that we were going to grant the older girls their months-long dream and get their ears pierced. Oh, you should have heard the giggles of excitement. We went into Claire's (ah, the memories) and both girls honed in immediately on sparkly pink flowers for their first set.

Abby went first, and was very brave, considering. I could tell she was getting nervous, but before she had a chance to freak too much, the first earring went in.

I won't lie--she wasn't too thrilled with the sensation. I just prayed that she would let the girl put the second one in, and she did. She was wailing pretty hard by then, but the genius Claire's girl produced a lollipop from behind the counter, and all of a sudden things were dandy. Within 2 minutes she was pain-free and gleefully eyeing her adorned ears.

Unfortunately, Audrey had witnessed the display and was none too keen to follow suit. We decided to have dinner while she thought about it. Sure enough, 20 minutes later she had gathered her courage, and we returned after dinner. Her reaction was pretty much the same as Abby's. I was so proud of both the girls, and their new baubles look stunning.

This week is going to be a killer. Matt is in LA at a Microsoft conference all week. Abby has FIVE softball games, and I am running a PTA rummage sale at her school this Saturday. I could use your prayers, and failing that, any extra Valuum you may have.

Okay, some schmo down the street is using Ethan's nap time to work on his nasty muffler'less truck. I have to go ruffle some feathers. Idol update tomorrow if it kills me!


Melanie said...

I'm glad the piercings went well! I was their age when I got my ears pierced, and they did better than took my mom and the piercing girl around 15 minutes to convince me that I'd look silly with only one ear pierced! I had firmly glued the side of my head to my shoulder after the first one.

You better not forget to take your vitamins this week! :)

Anonymous said...

I knew she'd do it. One of these days they'll figure out a way to do them both at the same time so you avoid all that nervousness in the middle. Tell her they're goreous and I can't wait to see them in person!


LindaM said...

She is a lucky little girl! Mom and daddy made me wait unti I was 14! But then that was back in, um....1974! I remember when the girls got their ears pierced- I think Lindsey has had hers done 3 different times! Wendy's have always done fine. Abby has crossed he first bridge of gowing up before your very eyes! Enjoy your week alone- hahaha being by yourself will certainly make you appreciate that wondeful husband you have!

Cori said...

Call me if you need me!

Patty said...

I'm so proud of Abby! I still remember the trauma from my ear piercings! I can just imagine her modeling her bling!

BTW - I want a Cori and Matt for my kiddos. How do I find me one of those?