Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Even trees need a break

Ethan and I were driving down the street this morning, jamming to a little Veggie Tales. We had a great conversation that reminded me why "cute" is the most often used adjective to describe kids (right ahead of annoying and exhausting, but that's beside the point).

Ethan: Mommy! Turn down the music!
Me: Okay, why?
Ethan, pointing to a large stack of pine branches that have been cut down after the storm and are laying in a pile on the side of the road: We have to be quiet, because the trees are sleeping!

I love to think that in his mind when we are tucking him in at night, trees all over the world are stretching their limbs, shaking their leaves, and laying down flat on the ground for a good night's rest.


Cameron Magee said...

:D nice

Anonymous said...

How Sweet!!! Kids are the greatest and add so much joy to our lives!!