Friday, February 13, 2009

Things that happened today that I would rather have NOT happened

1. Abby asked me if they had stores back when I was a little kid.

2. Annie, our dog, drank out of Ethan's training potty. In case you aren't up on training potties, they don't have water in them--just whatever the trainee puts there. Mmmmmmm.


Melanie said...

Kids have that effect on parents, making them feel old without really trying. I can remember doing that to my mom too. I once asked her if they had hair conditioner when she was a kid (I assumed they just had shampoo).

Matt said...

At least Ethan didn't drink out of the training potty... You have to consider the alternatives!

Cori said...

There is a house across the street from you that we really like!

Anonymous said...

Yesterday Jake asked Jacob what people did before they had cars. Jacob explained that they rode horses. Jake's next question was "Is that what you did Dad?" Gotta love it!