Wednesday, February 11, 2009

One of us has got to go, and I prefer that it be her



That obnoxious girl overshadowed every good thing about the semifinalists. Down with Tatiana!

Have you heard how they are doing the next three weeks? Talk about convoluted. Search for American Idol Season 8 on Wikipedia to get a rundown.

I have to get everything ready for Abby's Valentine party at school tomorrow, so I'm going to go hot-glue out my Tatiana agression.


Alice said...

I am SO with ya on this one girlfriend. Can't stand any more of her drama.....REALLY?????

Matt said...

I am really going to miss watching AI over the next few weeks... I hate that I made the promise not to watch until both Tatiana and Norman Gentle were gone. Let me just say... Blind Guy, Gay Guy(Nathanial), and Norman Gentle? Over Jamar? Really?!?!?!?! Whatever - I'm over it.

Sarah said...

I'm calling you out. I don't think you'll boycott. I think you'll go crazy wondering what is unfolding while you're gone. You can't do it.

Matt said...

Okay - you're probably right! How about I just turn the TV off for 90 seconds when Tatiana or Norman start to sing? Is that boycottish enough?

Cori said...

How was the Valentine's Party? Mine was wonderful! I love my kids so much!