Friday, February 13, 2009

No ordinary day

Today has been one of those days that all of my stay-at-home days are supposed to be like. Abby's out of school, so she went with me to take E to mother's day out. Then she and I went to the public library, where we read books together and I made her year by letting her get her own library card. You'd have thought it was a no-limit Visa. After that, we ran to the grocery store and then met Matt for a lunch date. Now we're cleaning house and about to go get E. I can actually see over the pile of laundry, there is room to set something on the kitchen counter if I so desired, and both children's bedroom floors are visible. Yay me! Now if only I could get more than one of these days every six months.


LindaM said...

I'm still amazed you have not used the public library before! EVERYONE WHO IS EVERYONE uses the public library system! I remember when I was little, mom would take me down to the one in Down Town Little Rock, and it was so much fun! If all children were exposed to the public libary system at such an early age, think how much fun they could have and how much they could learn! I'm glad you and Abby got to have that time together today- FAT CHANCE on finding more days like today though! All I can say, is "take 'em when you can get 'em sister- because they are usually few and far between!!"

Cori said...

I'm glad you had a good time.. I have spent my day off with Emma! We took Matt lunch at the FIRM (I love saying that) and then we went shopping. I bought her a V-Day shirt at Ryan's and a hairbow. Now we are at my house and she is helping me do laundry! Funny part is, is that she thinks it is fun! Just wait til she is 16!!

Alice said...

Stay at home moms never stay at home. There is always something more to do for the kids even when you don't have them with you.

I love it when I can have a productive day with the children and I don't feel as if I was just babysitting them or screaming at them, which ever one for that day.