Wednesday, February 4, 2009

It's a conspiracy between the weather and my home electronics

Clearly, someone does not want me watching American Idol. First our DVR went berserk. The ice storm. Now--our television is broken. Seriously? NOW? Why can't it break in the summer, when all that's on is reruns and absurd wannabe reality shows? Thankfully our DVR is behaving itself again, so Matt hooked up our (teeny weenie) (okay, it's 25 inches but when you're used to 46 that's teenie weenie) bedroom tv so I could watch both of this week's shows tonight.

I think there are a lot of great contestants this season. I am VERY ready to get past the ridiculous drama. Can I get a witness? Ugh. But when they're good...they're really, really good. I love the group that sang a cappella (Danny from that group is the one that's my brother Sam's twin) and the punk guy with the spiky black hair. Oh, and there was a guy in the first group that sang (LOVED them too) that's from Conway! His name is Kris, and he is a praise and worship singer at my aunt Linda's church! Gotta root for the local boy.

I am super glad they are devoting two weeks to Hollywood--it's very worth it.

On another note, remember my frantic search for where I had heard the phrase "a place for every thing, and every thing is in its place"? FOUND IT! Thanks to my friend Sarah (who is the one I was talking to when I started trying to figure it out in the first place). It may not be the only place it's ever been said, but it's definitely the version that was repeating in my head. It also happens to be the funniest thing EVER. I'm too lazy to import the video right onto the blog, but here's the link to watch it on YouTube:

Really, watch it right now. You will be glad you did.


Matt said...

I thought there were a few really good singers, but I was extremely disappointed on how much time they spent on the feuding groups. Drama, drama, drama!!! My favorite group of the night was the acappella (spelling?) group - especially the guy whose wife died (name?). I'm looking forward to next week... Now that they've thinned out some of the people who never should've made it to Hollywood (e.g. Bikini Girl), I hope they'll spend more screen time focusing on good singers.

Sarah said...

We probably wouldn't have checked into a hotel if we didn't have heat, but if our TV was broken -- hotel!

Alice said...

I am an AI fan and think this season has some of the best singers yet. Can't wait to see what they will do when they can use their instruments (ie The blind guy and his piano.)

Melanie said...

You poor thing! Between the weather and your electronic debacles, you're not having the best luck lately! I'm glad to hear you guys have thawed out now though...y'all got hit hard with that ice storm! We got lots of sleet and some freezing rain, but all that came of it was that Josh got to stay home one day so that was cool.

Loved the first group last night and the a capella group too I'm loving your brother's twin too. I think he'll have lots of popular appeal with the voters. Was anyone else shocked by the dysfunctional group where all four made it through there at the end??? And Tatiana is PSYCHO! I was SO happy to see bikini girl go! I'm cheering for the Conway guy too :) He did really well.

Cori said...

I completely agree with Matt... TOO MUCH DRAMA! The acapella group was phenomenal. WOW! Danny is at the top for me!