Sunday, June 21, 2009

So glad

I am so glad. I am glad that in a culture of men who make babies but don't raise them, men who practice "do as I say, not as I do", men who think parenting=mothering, men who put work first and family second, I have Matt.

Matt, who wants to teach his son to be a man and his daughter to be a lady. Who will plant flowers with the kids in the front yard, then come in and paint his daughter's toenails. Who bristles when someone says he's "babysitting" if he's spending time with his own kids. Who is not embarrassed to tear up at the sight of the beautiful children we have created. Who is also not afraid to discipline those children when they need it. Who didn't run from changing diapers or cleaning up spit up. Who teaches his children how to live by example. Who loves his Lord and teaches his kids what a gift that is every day. Who will read 12 bedtime books if his kids ask sweetly enough. Who comes home from a day at work and reaches for his kids, not the remote control. Who has become an expert PB&J maker. Who does, honestly, more than his equal share of parenting--not because he has to, not because he's supposed to, but because it makes him happy to be a father.

I am so glad.

Happy Father's Day, Matt.


Anonymous said...

Awesome post! - Wendy

Lindsey said...

You are blessed to have such a wonderful husband. Matt's a great man.

Katrenia said...

Gosh, that post made ME tear up.

Anonymous said...

Yeah, Matt & Nancy!!! What a wonderful post!!
Kori "o)

Anonymous said...

What a beautiful tribute to a FINE Daddy!

Aunt Joyce

Sarah said...

Love this. You are so lucky to have each other -