Tuesday, June 2, 2009

The end of an era

Whoah, whoah, whoah. Just hold on a minute. I know that time flies when you have kids, but this is ridiculous. I JUST sent my daughter to her first day of Kindergarten. How can it be over? I demand a recount.

Yesterday I helped herd her class around on Field Day so her teacher could work the water slide (!). I have known that this day was approaching, but the nature of the sentimentality was somewhat unexpected. I sat in the room where I helped the kids decorate gingerbread houses, put on fake Santa beards, parade around in their Halloween costumes and hand out Valentines. I looked around at their little faces that I have come to know so well. Devon, who stole my heart on the first day of school and still has it firmly in his sweet little hand. Vivi, whose entire body could fit in my pocket but who has sass enough for the entire class. Kevin, who has a precious face that tricks you into trusting him while he gets away with a shocking amount of mischief. Sam, who is lucky to be alive after Matt found out that he and Abby kissed in PE. Lily, whose single mom came back from Iraq just before Christmas and taught me a huge lesson in being joyful just to get to be with my children. I could keep going. I love every single kid in that class. I realized that they've all become mine in a small way, and I'm really going to miss that! Of course, some of them will be in Abby's first grade (!!!) class, but still. It's the end of an era.

Now, though, it's time for a new era: summer. An era of sleeping in, swimming lessons, sunscreen and popsicles. A whole new group to love. I'm ready. I think.

PS. For your reading pleasure, a limerick I wrote for a contest my brother Sam had on Facebook (don't ask):

When I was young, and much dumber
I always looked forward to summer.
But now I'm home-bound,
Chasing kiddos around
And summer's turned into a bummer.


Autumn said...

I agree. She just can't be that big yet. Seems like just yesterday that we were visiting you in the hospital. Loved her then as a sweet, innocent little thing and especially now as a sassy, boy-kissing, fashion maven. I can't wait to see what first grade brings.

A Cottage Rose said...

Love the limerick.


Aidan and Zachary said...

Sleeping in?!? Not for BOOT CAMPERS!!