Friday, September 14, 2007


I'm home from work today. For the first time ever, I seem to have developed "allergies". It's always intrigued me, this "allergies" thing. At random times of the year, all sorts of people come down with a large assortment of symptoms, and they are all attributed to allergies. It's been raining for a week and you have a stuffy nose? You must have allergies. Sudden cold spell and you have a scratchy throat? Gotta be allergies. Headache? Allergies. Watery eyes? Allergies. Lazy? Allergies.

I'm not implying that allergies are not real--I live with a man that suffers miserably and on a regular basis because of them. It's just that it's such a random thing. They can develop at any time, due to any condition, and last any duration. From what I understand, they are usually a reaction to something in the air, dust or pollen or anthrax or some such thing, that has invisible bits that we breathe in and get sick because of. Some people, like my friend Melanie, requires shots at times because it gets so bad. I know very few people who don't claim at least a minor reaction to allergies. It's an epidemic, apparently.

All this to say--well, nothing really. I'm just home and feeling blah and wanted to write, and allergies are on my brain. Literally, apparently.


Anonymous said...

Get to felling better Nancy!! There is a thing called a "cold" that you probably are suffering from, rather than "allergies"!! I don't suffer from allergies, but I do get that occasional cold...even though it seems early in the season for a cold, there is a wonderful bug going around!! Have a great weekend!!

Kori "o)

Anonymous said...

Oh no! Well, maybe you caught them from Matt :) Did I tell you too that my asthma has worsened with pregnancy? (asthma that i didn't have until i moved to Dallas :P It's nothing too terrible, just have to take more of the meds i was already taking.) If you do have allergies though, you'll find that eventually they just get more irritating than anything else. Hope you feel better soon! :)


Alice said...

Hope the duration for your "allergies" is short lived.

Try to have a good weekend in spite of it.

Anonymous said...

Well let's see here, if it sounds, walks, talks and acts like an allergy and you took MY ALLERGY MEDICINE and you FEEL "SO MUCH BETTER NOW" then it must be an allergy. I'm not a doctor and don't even play one on tv, but I guessed it ALLERGIES!!!


g brown said...