Wednesday, September 5, 2007

September's off and running

What is it they say about the best laid plans? Whatever it is, they are right. Our babysitters had a family emergency and had to cancel at the last minute this weekend, so no anniversary trip for us. We were really bummed, but life goes on--especially when it's in the form of a one year old blonde boy hurtling himself at you from on top of the couch or a 4 year old girl demanding a 200th game of Candy Land.

Speaking of games, football was great Saturday. I do so love going to a game--everything about it. The sea of people in red and white, the little girls in cheerleader costumes, the smell of stadium food, even the fools over in the student section. (Hey, I can talk, I used to be one of those fools). One of my favorite pastimes while waiting for the game to start is watching what people, especially women, chose to wear to the game. I really do wonder what goes through people's minds, and if they own mirrors. My favorite, though, are the young girls who are dressed like they're going to prom practically--dress, high heels, big updo. What on earth?! Did their boyfriends lie and say they were going to the opera?

I don't know how it happens, but September is always a painfully busy month for the AMEN family. I looked last night, and every single day of this month already has something written on it in our family calendar at home. It makes me tired just looking at it.

As a final note, I want to send a big CONGRATULATIONS to my friend David, who got a great job in Bentonville and will finally be joining his family in NWA! Welcome to the promised land, Dave!


Anonymous said...

Nancy, I was so sorry to hear about your weekend plans being canceled!! Maybe you guys can plan a great weekend around your birthdays again!!! And have something to look forward to!! I thought about you guys on Saturday, as did keep up with how the game was going! It was a perfect evening for the game!! I was going to call and see when we can get our families together for an evening... is sometime in November good? I'd better get it on the calender now!!! hahaha!! Maybe lunch one Sunday? Let us know!!

Kori "o)

Outnumbered said...

Nancy, thanks for the congrats note. I have been a little "out of it" in the blog world since getting the job!!