Monday, September 17, 2007

Girls will be girls, and boys will be messy

It's no secret to anyone over the age of 5 that boys and girls are inherently different, and for more reasons than can fit here. Now that I'm raising one of each, though, I'm getting a very interesting perspective into how much of it is really hardwired. Ethan has recently undergone the development from "baby" to "boy"--it happens sometime between 12 and 18 months, I think. So now that I live with a boy and a girl, both slowly turning into the people they're always going to be, it amazes me how much gender-specific behavior just comes naturally to them. For example:

- Abby chooses to use her bath playtime to pretend to make and serve lemonade. Ethan uses his bath playtime to soak anyone within 10 feet who has the nerve not to be in the tub with him.

- Abby cries like she's losing a limb every time the slightest of injuries occurs. Ethan will dive off of the back of the couch, smack his head on the floor, and keep right on going.

- Abby can't stand having her hands dirty. Ethan will happily eat soup by the fistful.

- Abby is embarrassed and a little giggly if she accidentally emits gas through either her mouth or her bottom. Ethan is the youngest person I have ever seen be able to burp on command, and proudly.

- Abby wants to play with dolls and makeup and stickers. Ethan wants to play with trucks and blocks and bugs.

Now, the kids do occasionally break the stereotypes. Abby is a very aggressive soccer player, and E has displayed quite an affinity for Abby's play kitchen. Most of the time, though, they are true to tradition. Ironic, since most of the time they see Matt making dinner while I'm hollering at the football game on TV. Hmm...maybe they get more from their mom and dad than I realized.


Alice said...

Isn't it great to see them turning into little people. I love to analyze things that Mili does and wonder how that will play into her big people personality in the future.

We have to try and do the best we can raising the great children that God has loaned us but some things they are just born with.

Outnumbered said...

So, what happens when you have one of each... and then add a third?! I guess we will find out as ours grow!! :-)