Monday, September 10, 2007

My little songbird

We survived the weekend, if only barely. My wedding went smoothly unless you count the torrential rain--it was indoors, though, so all was not lost. Kenneth's football game occurred during a brief break in the floods Friday evening. His team lost, but he played quite well. There is an offensive lineman on his team--a senior that has already signed with Arkansas--that is 6'10'' and weighs well over 300 pounds. Bless his heart!

Abby has focused her energies as of late on her new passion as a songstress. She sings ALL the time. This isn't that new, but what is new is that now she sings only original numbers. What I mean by this is that she picks a word, just any word, and starts singing it. Then other words come after. The words don't have to make sentences or be related in any way. But BOY, does she sing them like she means them. And the beautiful thing (in her eyes anyway) about songs that don't have to make sense is that they never have to end. Ever. They can just go and go and go and go until your mommy starts hyperventilating. An Abby original may go something like this: "When youuuuu go to your frieeends, the saaaaame, and wear shoes to the schoooooool, and we knoooooooowww, that I dooooooooo, because we are the saaaaaaame, and you are speeeeeecial, and he loooooooooves your hat, youuuuu like waaaaaafles, todaaaay!" Poetry, right?


Outnumbered said...

Oh Lord... Help me... I just had a terrible image... I cannot imagine a more "perfect"ly hidious past time for her to teach my kids before our next 3-hour trip to Little Rock!! Sorry Nancy... John David and Katie cannot come over and play with Abby anymore!!! >:-)

Alice said...

I love to hear Mili sing songs but they are not "originals" so I am enjoying them. When it changes over to an original and goes on forever, I will probably not enjoy it so

Don't surpress that musical talent.....Abby could make you lots of money down the road. Emma could always play the piano for her.

Mandy said...

I feel your pain - Katie has started to dabble in this. Her's will make a little sense (usually about some event that we just did) but her songs are almost always the same note over and over.

Anonymous said...

Poetry to my ears! You should get your movie recorder out and film her singing and show it to her when she's much older and in front of her boyfriends! as they come to your house for a date! That's almost as good as a naakkiid baby picture. The amazing thing about her singing is she is on key most of the time and you (or I am anyway) trying to figure out what song she's singing. I'm sure I've heard it before, but can't quite put a title to it. Just the other day, Sunday, after ya'll left the house, YD asked me what song Babs was singing.....Poetry and music to my ears!! MOM