Wednesday, January 14, 2009


The show was definitely better tonight, thank goodness. No doubt because they were in the heartland! Kansas City brought us the brilliant, the fabulous David Cook, so we could have guessed there would be some more talent!

I enjoyed the whole thing with Jason Castro's brother--I thought their little discussion was funny. I really liked the band director, and the mother of three at the end. Oh, and the guy whose wife died 4 weeks before the auditions? My brother Sam's twin. I'm not kidding, it really might have been Sam trying out under an alias. It's totally something he would do.

Is it just me or does Cara look like she wants to make out with every good male singer? Just a random observation :) Here's another one: none of the past winners, NONE of them, have ever come in costume, done back flips, brought cheerleaders, or begged to be let through. Coincidence? Surely not. Have some self respect, people!

What did YOU think?

Those of you not into Idol, sigh with relief--it's not on again until next Tuesday and I promise to resume normal blogging duties. My 28 year old sister in law is having her birthday party at our house with all her friends on Saturday (I don't think we're invited but for the technicality that we live here), so I'm sure there will be lots to write about.

Oh, and I am STILL being driven crazy by the "A place for every thing, and every thing in its place" mystery. I can HEAR the woman's voice. She trills her r's. And puts emphasis on the "place". Help!!!


Mandy said...

I agree that it was better tonight. Michael Castro is a cutie - and he is right he is just more "masculine" than Jason was. As far as your quote, have you considered it might have been on one of the shows that Abby watches?

Anonymous said...

Loved the show last night! It made me laugh out loud several times! My fav was the guy who's wife had just died. I also enjoyed the cheerleaders! They were ggod for a few laughs. And the banana guy - what was that? The girl at the end with the 3 kids was great. Reminded me of Fantasia. Now on to Grey's Anatomy tonight.


Melanie said...

The guy whose wife just died was my favorite too (is it just me, or does he look a bit like Robert Downey Jr.?). The welder guy was good too, as was the mom at the end. You have to understand though that the crazy people in costume are just doing it to get on the first shows...they know they're not going to get picked.

Aidan and Zachary said...

I just checked out your whole blog (or three pages of it) and LOVED it. I can see you saying all of it! I saw parts of AI yesterday and liked the guy whose wife just died the best. Oh, I liked the girl that lived with her 93 year old grandmother, too. I had to watch Biggest Loser on Tuesday...I have priorities!