Tuesday, January 6, 2009

The boys are back

Ohhhhh, I do so love sports. I came to the U of A the semester after the basketball team won the national championship, and I breathed basketball as an undergraduate. Then I slowly shifted to be more of a football fan, but I never lost my love for basketball. However, the Razorbacks seemed to--there was a stratch of years when no one was talking about what was happening in Bud Walton.


We just beat 2 top 10 teams in 1 week, with a game thrown in between them for good measure. We have some extraordinary players, led by a charismatic coach that has made it exciting to watch Razorback basketball again. Plus, my daughter's boyfriend, (or at least that what she tells everyone) Marcus Monk is back from NFL-land and whipping up on the court.

The energy is great. I feel like I'm 19 again, screaming for Scotty Thurman and Big Nasty, camping out to sit (stand) in the front row of the student section, yelling "Nice Hair!" when they introduce the visiting head coach, and staring at every tall guy I passed on the way to class to see if he was a player. Of course, back then I didn't have to find a babysitter to go to games or stifle a yawn between cheers because the game has me up past 10. But then, I don't have a lit final in the morning either, so I figure it all pans out :)

**If you have not read/commented on my American Idol entry below, get with the program!


Matt said...

First - Go Hogs!
Second - I'm so glad you're back to blogging on a regular basis...
Third - I know where you can get a babysitter when you want to go to a game. :o)

Anonymous said...

GO HOGS! I'm with all you kids! It is just nice to have some good basketball again, where there they all play as a team-and not as individual players and for the whole game! If we could get the coach's wife to hook him up with a new hair do, life would be good. But I suppose we can over look the hair if he keeps them winning!

Anything thay makes "my angel girl" happy, makes me happy!

Cameron Magee said...


I got to go to the OU game, complements of a friend, and it was just as exciting as an NBA game, if not better! Loved it.


Melanie said...

Go Hogs! I too am watching this season with excitement and anticipation of a good tournament standing. The better we do, the better chance I have of actually getting to see the games on TV!

I had forgotten the "nice hair" comment...that brought up some fun memories! :)
And one in particular of being trampled for the chance at tickets (note "chance"...i got a bad lottery number :P).

It's hard to rock a baby to sleep while watching a game like that Texas game!!

Sarah said...

GO HOGS! The game was awesome! People are still talking about it. My sister Becky - who couldn't care less about going to basketball games - watched Colt for us and we had a blast!