Thursday, January 8, 2009

A way with words

Not much that's blogworthy has been happening in the last couple of days--can't decide whether that's good or bad. I ran all over creation yesterday on a bunch of errands, and then babysat today. Since nothing overly dramatic has happened but I want to keep up the flow of regular posts, I'll try to entertain you with a short list of Ethan-isms. They're pretty amusing.

Giant hot dog: one of those inflatable punching bags that kids play with. He got one for Christmas.

That was my burp!: Substitute for "excuse me" after he burps. Which is a lot.

Boingy stuff: The Slinky he got for Christmas.

GET OFF ME!: Please put me down, because I'm not in the mood for being held, thanks.

He's such a delicate little thing :)

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Anonymous said...

I did hear "That was my burp" several times while y'all were here. Too cute!

I think Josh learned a lot from Ethan that week. I was in the kitchen yesterday and Josh ran in to inform me that Dora had just come on. Then he ran back to the TV. How many times did Ethan do that same thing when he was here?

Today,I heard Jake telling Josh that whales say "Ahh choo!" Sound familiar?

Hope you are feeling better.