Sunday, January 25, 2009

Living proof

Today marks the third anniversary of Ethan Everett's arrival in this world. He continues to surprise us every day. He has certainly proven a few things:

1. A Swedish-blond can be born to two brunettes.
2. A human can survive indefinitely on grilled cheese sandwiches and popcorn.
3. Potty training will happen at the will of the trainee, and NOT the trainer.
4. "I made a mess" are 4 of the scariest words in the English language.
5. A really slender toddler can fit through a Playskool basketball hoop.
6. It is possible to memorize an entire episode of Dora the Explorer and repeat it verbatim.
7. Little brothers steal makeup and ruin Barbies.
8. Having a son is a wild ride. So far we're hanging on tight and having a ball.

Happy birthday son!


Anonymous said...

....and your Aunt Joyce and Uncle Lonnie also send a hearty "Happy Birthday" to you, Ethan. We love you!

Matt said...

Happy Birthday to Ethan!

Melanie said...

Happy happy birthday Ethan!! :)

That is a precious photo!

Cori said...

I cannot believe that little boy is 3 years old...

Happy Birthday, Ethan!!!

Stephanie said...

PRECIOUS! It does not seem like 3 years! Happy Birthday to Ethan!!

Anonymous said...

Happy birthday Ethan! Take it easy on your mom and dad!