Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Did they have eHarmony back then, too?

I had a great week last week--almost caught up on laundry, kept the dishwasher unloaded, even had time to do a little organizing. Then this little time warp hit, and BAM-it's Tuesday and chaos reigns again.

We did have a good weekend and even survived hosting two social events at our house in 24 hours--Matt's sister's birthday pary on Saturday night and our care group on Sunday night. Other than a couple of trash bags full of Solo cups, there wasn't that much work involved thankfully. Tonight, of course, starts AI madness again. Tomorrow my grandmother is coming up to spend the rest of the week with us, since my boy turns 3 on Sunday (we are NOT talking about that right now).

This is completely unrelated, but I find it interesting and it's my blog :) Right now I am going to a Tuesday morning Bible study at my church. It's a new series created by Beth Moore, the guru of women's bibly study. The title is Esther: It's Tough Being a Woman. Fun, huh? The study's been great so far, but one thing in particular has just struck me as so funny. In the story of Esther, there is a king that needs a wife. So he orders that a group of beautiful women be brought together and be given "beauty treatments" to be made even more lovely. Then they get to dress up and wear fancy jewelry and each spend a teeny tiny bit of time with him. From this, he'll pick one to be his queen. Does this plan sound familiar to you? Oh, right! It was on TV last night, and it's called The Bachelor! Talk about there being nothing new under the sun.

Okay, I'll be back later tonight with some Idol wit and wisdom. You know you can't wait!

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