Tuesday, January 13, 2009


"In life, the microphone passes your lips but once...you had better be ready to sing."

Great start!

BRILLIANT intro sequence. Cried twice! Okay, three times.

ROTC tap dancing makes you more marketable, eh? I KNEW I should have taken ROTC tap in junior high.

Okay, we're a quarter of the way in, and so far there have been more horrible singers than good ones. I thought that was supposed to change? I need some chill bumps here!

So far Ariana is my favorite--the 16 year old that is "cute as a button."

Loving the oil rig guy too--I'm a sucker for a family story!

I was unsure what I thought of this new judge until she laid the smack down on that smart mouth in the bikini. Now I LOVE her!

It's so over. A blind guy? Who can sing? And play piano? It's so over.

Okay, we're officially underway! Honestly, despite all the press that there would be a bunch of differences, it was pretty much the same old same old to me. What did you think?


Melanie said...

I liked Ariana too, and the weird tattoo girl (freaky with the big hole in the ear thing, but i liked her voice). I also am digging the precious oil rig worker dude. The blind guy has a pretty voice, but don't know how far he'll really go on the show. The girl in the pink cowboy hat cracked me up, as did the dude with the deep voice. I also liked the bartender from Kentucky/Los Angeles. But the freakiest contestant had be Igor, the dude that got sick...you had to know he was one of those they pick purely for the shock factor.

Fun show!

Anonymous said...

Having sick children on Idol night is not going to work! (Drew, Josh, and I now have strep throat!) Missed the bikini ding dong and her kissing Ryan, missed the oil rig guy, missed who was voted off of the Biggest Loser (sorry, love that show too)! I did like the "cute as a button girl", and the girl Stevie, I even liked the voice of the nerd who wore the shirt for Simon. He'll need a makeover before he goes much farther. The blind guy made me happy and smile. I think he will go far, he has a great voice. I did not like the voice of the tattoo girl with the colorful hair. Oh yeah, there was the guy near the end with the long hair, can't remember his name, but I liked him. When do they post the pics on the idol website? I need that to remember everyone. Great show! Can't wait until tomorrow!


Mandy said...

Okay so it is 10:00 and I am just now starting - I had to get my biggest loser in first. The intro was great! How about that "kiss" with Paula and Simon?

Cori said...

Definitely the same as usual... As for the contestants.. I really liked Ariana and the tattoo girl. The oil rig guy was pretty good, too. Those were the only ones I can remember after watching ALL OF THE BAD ONES! There were so many of them... That is the one thing I do not like about audition time; HOWEVER, I had missed the hilarity of some of the people (deep voice dude, wannabe songwriter, kid that got sick, etc)! Can't wait for tomorrow!