Tuesday, March 31, 2009


Mm Mm Mmm Mm Mm Mm Mm Mm Mm MMMM!

(Did you get that?)

Whoo boy, Kris tore UP that song tonight! Homeboy can sing. Loved the arrangement. Danny was fantastic too, though it continues to freak me out that he could be my brother Sam's twin. And I know there are plenty of Adam haters out there, but I think he's great.

Everyone else? Eh. And that's being generous. Though I did think Scott did better than usual.

So does your top three differ from mine? It's a free country. You'd be wrong, but you're allowed.


Patty said...

I agree with your top 3. I'm not a fan of Adam, but he seems to have a big following. Very impressed with Kris! That was awesome. I hope that Megan goes home. Her voice is not normal, very strange. We'll see!

Mandy said...

Her voice and her mannerisms for that matter. Very difficult to watch. I agree on the top 3.

Matt said...

I completely agree that Kris was #1 last night - how great was that!?! I think Danny and Allison wrap up the Top Three, though I have to admit that Adam makes my Top Five (but I want to make it clear that I still don't like him). I think Megan is in trouble tonight, but I'd rather see Scott go home.